UT Knoxville PSYC 110 - Exam 4 Study Guide (7 pages)

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Exam 4 Study Guide

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Exam 4 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Psyc 110 - General Psychology
General Psychology Documents

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Psych 110 Exam 4 study guide Chapter 12 What are corticosteroids Corticosteroids These are hormones that activates the body and prepares us to respond to stressful circumstances How does stress influence the immune system Our body s defense decreases against invading bacteria viruses and other potentially illness producing organisms and substances Our body lowers in skin phagocytes and Lymphocytes T and B cells which are both specialized white blood cells and decreases in macrophages which is what cleans up the mess in our bodies after an infection Different Stress Responses are o Women are more likely to tend and befriend or seek social support and nurture when under stress rather than males o Oxytocin love bonding hormone further counters stress and promotes the tend and befriend response o Long lasting stress can result in acute stress disorder or Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD which is when someone takes a dramatic turn and does something crazy because of an extremely stressful event in their life o Type A personality These are the perfectionist of the world Social support and rates of mortality Social support encompasses interpersonal relations with people groups and the larger community higher levels associated with lower mortality rates What are problem focused coping emotion focused coping primary appraisals and secondary appraisals Problem focused coping coping strategy in which we tackle life s challenges ahead Ex if you fail an exam you look to see how you can do better next test Emotion focused coping strategy in which we try to place a positive spin on our feelings or predicaments and engage in behavior to reduce painful emotion Primary appraisals initial decision regarding whether an event is harmful Ex Will going to work hurt my grade on this test Secondary appraisals perceptions regarding our ability to cope with an event that follows primary appraisal Ex If I go to work will I be able to find some time to study there Stressful events High risk

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