UT Arlington POLS 2311 - Article IV (3 pages)

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Article IV

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Article IV


Article's IV, V, and VI

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University of Texas at Arlington
Pols 2311 - Government of the United States

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POLS 2311 1st Edition Lecture 9 Outline of Last Lecture I The Preamble II U S Constitution Article IV Section 1 III Article IV Section 3 Outline of Current Lecture I Article IV Section 3 II Article IV Section 4 III Article V Proposal IV Article V Ratification V Article VI Current Lecture I II Article IV Section 3 Congress is the state legislature for all protectorate territories o Citizenship o Representation rights A territory elects one to represent it before Congress Normally cannot vote 2007 House restored delegate limited voting rights amendments only o What are the U S Territories D C Guam U S Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Samoa Micronesia Marshall Islands Northern Marianas Islands Palau US Minor Outlying Islands Some 110 000 people live in te U S Virgin Islands and 3 9 million in Puerto Rico More than 306 000 live in the U S Pacific territories of Guam American Samoa and Northern Marianas o These territories get one nonvoting delegate to represent them in the House of Representatives o Our capital is a territory not a state It is federal territory o If the people of these territories wanted to fly into the U S to vote they could do so since they are citizens but they can t vote from where they are they must come to us Article IV Section 4 States must have a republic form of government o Ingredients Cannot be a monarchy These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III Often based on a constitution Representative democracy Based on the Constitution There has to be some sort of higher law that is strict and can t be violated The U S constitution can t be changed or modified it can just be added to but other constitutions can be modified or bent which allows dictatorship It can never be a monarchy Great Britain is a type of monarchy Article V Proposal To propose amendments to the U S Constitution o 1 Propose amendments by 2 3 votes in the House 291 of 435 and

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