WSU PSYCH 333 - Assessing Psychological Disorders (3 pages)

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Assessing Psychological Disorders

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Assessing Psychological Disorders


Chapter 3 notes

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Psych 333 - Abnormal Psychology

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PSYCH 333 1nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Previous Lecture I Quiz 2 on Chapter 2 Outline of Current Lecture I II III IV V Assessing Psychological Disorders The Clinical Interview Mental Status Exam Physical Exam Behavioral Assessment Current Lecture Assessing Psychological Disorders A clinical assessment is the systematic evaluation and measurement of the psychological biological and social factors in an individual Diagnosis the process of determining if the symptoms of a person fit the diagnostic criteria for a psychological disorder Purpose to understand the individual predict behavior treatment and evaluate outcomes Reliability the degree to which the assessment is consistent if the same study is done by multiple people it should have the same result for both raters the physicians doing the assessing inter rater reliability when raters design assessment in a which so that multiple raters can conduct assessment and get the same result determines if assessment techniques are stable Validity whether something successfully measures what it is designed to measure construct descriptive validity compares results of an assessment measure with the results of other assessments to better determine validity Predictive criterion validity how well your assessment predicts the future Standardization process by which certain set of norms is determined for a technique to make its use consistent across multiple measurements The Clinical Interview These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Clinical interview gathers info on current and past behaviors attitudes and emotions from individuals life in general and about present problem Involves 1 determining start day and cause of problem 2 gathering info on patients current and past interpersonal and social history 3 gather info on sexual development religious attitudes etc Most clinicians use a mental status exam to obtain

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