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Animation Production Pipeline Presented by Abigail Atiwag Pre production Concept Development This stage involves brainstorming ideas developing concepts and outlining the overall vision for the animation project It includes defining the story themes tone and target audience Scriptwriting Writers create scripts dialogues scene descriptions and narrative structures tailored for animation The script serves as a blueprint for the animation process Storyboarding Storyboards are visualizations of the script illustrating key scenes camera angles character actions and pacing Storyboards help visualize the flow of the animation and serve as a guide for animators Animatics Animatics are rough animated sequences created using storyboards providing a preview of the timing pacing and visual compositions of the animation Character Design Artists design characters defining their appearances personalities expressions and visual styles Character design includes creating model sheets and turnaround views for consistency Environment Design Environmental artists design backgrounds settings props and locations to complement the story and enhance the visual storytelling Pre visualization Previs Previs involves creating rough 3D or 2D animatics layouts and camera placements to plan shots compositions and visual sequences before full production begins Production Animation Production Stages The production stage involves creating assets animating scenes and bringing the animation to life It includes character animation background animation effects animation and camera work Asset Creation Artists create assets such as character models rigging setups props environments textures and visual effects elements needed for animation Animation Techniques Animators use various techniques such as keyframe animation motion capture stop motion or puppet animation to animate characters and scenes according to the storyboard and animatics Lighting and Camera Work Lighting artists set up lighting rigs and render settings to achieve desired moods atmospheres and visual effects Camera work involves framing shots camera movements and cinematography techniques to enhance storytelling Sound Design Sound designers create and integrate sound effects ambient sounds background music and voiceovers to complement the visuals and enhance the overall audio visual experience Special Effects Visual effects artists add special effects such as particle effects simulations explosions and magical effects to scenes enhancing realism or creating fantastical elements Post production Editing Editors assemble scenes shots and sequences fine tuning pacing transitions and continuity They also integrate sound and music tracks Compositing Compositors blend multiple visual elements layers and effects together to create seamless and cohesive scenes They adjust colors add visual enhancements and apply finishing touches Color Grading Colorists adjust the color palette contrast brightness and saturation of the animation to achieve desired visual aesthetics and mood Sound Mixing Sound mixers balance and optimize audio levels dialogue clarity music placement and sound effects for the final audio mix Visual Effects Integration Visual effects artists integrate final visual effects polish animations and ensure visual consistency across scenes Finalizing Animation Projects The post production stage concludes with final reviews approvals and deliveries of the completed animation projects for distribution exhibition or release The animation production pipeline involves a collaborative effort among artists animators writers directors editors sound designers and other professionals to bring creative visions to fruition from concept development to the final polished animation product THANK YOU

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SLU CMM 206 - Animation Production Pipeline

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