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Animation for Different Media Presented by Abigail Atiwag Animated Films Feature Length Animated Films These are full length animated movies typically released in theaters They range from traditional hand drawn animations to CGI computer generated imagery films Examples include Disney classics like The Lion King and Pixar s Toy Story series Short Films Animated short films are concise narratives often used to showcase innovative storytelling artistic techniques and experimental concepts They can be independent projects or part of film festivals and anthologies Animated Series Some animated films spawn successful series that continue the stories characters and worlds introduced in the films For example The Lion King has inspired spin off series and Toy Story characters appear in shorts and TV specials Impact on Popular Culture Animated films have a significant impact on popular culture influencing fashion merchandise theme park attractions and even inspiring fan communities and conventions Television Animation Animated TV Series Television animation includes a wide range of genres and formats from comedy and adventure to drama and fantasy Examples include The Simpsons Avatar The Last Airbender Rick and Morty and SpongeBob SquarePants Educational Animation Educational animation aims to teach concepts skills and lessons in an engaging and entertaining way Educational TV shows like Dora the Explorer Sesame Street and Bill Nye the Science Guy use animation to educate young audiences Children s Animation Animation for children covers diverse themes styles and age groups Shows like Paw Patrol My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and Adventure Time cater to young viewers with colorful characters positive messages and imaginative storytelling Animation Trends Animation trends in television programming include the rise of adult oriented animated series e g BoJack Horseman Archer the revival of classic cartoons e g The Powerpuff Girls DuckTales and the adaptation of popular IPs into animated series e g Marvel and DC superhero shows Web Animation Animated Web Series Web animation includes series created specifically for online platforms like YouTube Vimeo and streaming services Creators produce episodic content webisodes and serialized animations targeting digital audiences Webisodes Webisodes are short episodes of animated series released online They may explore niche topics genres or storytelling formats catering to online viewers who consume content on demand Animated Advertisements Animation is used in advertising to create engaging and memorable commercials explainer videos branded content and marketing campaigns Animated ads can be more versatile creative and eye catching compared to traditional live action ads Viral Animations Animated content has the potential to go viral on social media platforms reaching a wide audience and generating buzz Viral animations often rely on humor relatability or shareable content to gain traction and visibility Animation s versatility across different media platforms allows creators to explore diverse storytelling techniques reach varied audiences and showcase their creativity in unique ways shaping the evolving landscape of animation in the digital age THANK YOU

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SLU CMM 206 - Animation for Different Media

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