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Animation and Technology Presented by Abigail Atiwag Advances in Animation Technology Real Time Animation Real time animation technology allows animators to create and manipulate animations in real time providing immediate feedback and interactivity This is especially useful in gaming virtual production and live events Virtual Production Techniques Virtual production combines physical sets or props with digital elements using techniques like motion capture green screens and real time rendering to create immersive environments and seamless integration of live action and CGI AI Driven Animation Tools Artificial intelligence AI is being integrated into animation tools to automate tasks enhance animation workflows and generate realistic movements and behaviors for characters and objects Cloud Based Animation Platforms Cloud based animation platforms offer collaborative workflows scalable rendering and access to resources and tools from anywhere with an internet connection improving efficiency and flexibility for animation projects Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reality AR Animation Immersive Storytelling VR and AR animation provide immersive storytelling experiences allowing users to interact with animated worlds characters and narratives in a 360 degree virtual environment Interactive Experiences VR and AR animation enable interactive experiences where users can manipulate objects explore scenes and engage with animated content in real time enhancing engagement and immersion Applications in Animated Content VR AR animation is used in entertainment education training marketing simulations and virtual tours It s also used in art installations museums theme parks and experiential marketing campaigns Animation and Gaming Animation in Video Games Animation plays a crucial role in video games bringing characters environments and gameplay elements to life Animators create animations for character movements actions facial expressions cutscenes and special effects Cutscenes Cutscenes are animated sequences used in video games to advance the story showcase cinematic moments introduce characters and provide narrative context between gameplay segments Character Animation in Gaming Character animators focus on creating believable and responsive animations for player controlled characters non player characters NPCs enemies and creatures in games Convergence of Animation and Gaming Industries The animation and gaming industries are converging with animation studios collaborating with game developers to create animated series tie in content and cross platform experiences This convergence is also evident in the use of animation techniques and storytelling in video game narratives These advancements and collaborations between animation and technology are driving innovation pushing the boundaries of creativity and creating new possibilities for immersive storytelling and interactive experiences across various media platforms THANK YOU

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SLU CMM 206 - Animation and Technology

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