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1 What are four things you learned from this class List the concept explain it in your own words and include a relevant example One thing I learned from this class is generativity vs stagnation Generativity vs stagnation is a stage in psychosocial development during middle adulthood If you are generative it means that you are someone trying to make a positive impact on the world through various actions If you are stagnant you are stuck unmotivated and feel like you lack purpose An example of stagnation vs generativity is having one person in middle adulthood who does meaningful work and their neighbor is somehow that does nothing for anyone but themselves Another thing I learned from this class is object permanence in infancy Object permanence is the understanding that something or someone still exists even when they are not in front of you An example of object permanence is like having a friend that you haven t seen in months but just because they have been out of your sight doesn t mean they ceased to exist Another thing I learned in this class is about grit Grit is a personality trait that pertains to the passion and perseverance that you have to achieve your goals An example of grit is being determined to go to college since your a little girl and even when odds were stacked against you you continue to push towards your goal until you got there The fourth thing I learned in this class was how the trend of cohabitation over marriage is increasing Cohabitation is when you are in a relationship and you choose to live together before or instead of marriage An example would be to say you ve been in a romantic relationship for 3 years and you know you want to be with them forever You may choose to live with them instead of getting married 2 What did you learn about yourself Explain I learned that I like to know how things work and what is behind everything we do What I mean by that is that I enjoyed breaking down into every phase and aspect of life because it clarifies why we act the way that we do 3 How will you use the material you learned in this class in your future Explain I will use the material I learned in this class in my future classes and hopefully future research endeavors I am an HDFS major with an emphasis in family and lifespan development so I think that the material I have learned in this class will be relevant to my future career

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Mizzou HDFS 2400 - Unit Assignment 6

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