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Important Themes Competing colonial styles Spanish Dutch French English Indian Relations Frontiers of Exclusion and Frontiers of Inclusion Joint stock companies and Royal Colonies Temporal Distinction Colonies of Extraction vs Settler Societies The Beginnings of Virginia House of Tudor Wars of Religion in England From Sea Dogs to Joint Stock Companies Roanoke Indian Hostility and Thomas Harriot 1580s Virginia Company Jamestown s Gentlemen Adventurers Tobacco From Extraction to Settler Society Hostilities with Powhatan 1620s A frontier of Exclusion Puritan Legacies Freedom of Religion First Modern Revolutionaries First Capitalists Puritanism in England Henry VIII s Anglican Church Radical Protestants in England John Calvin Separatists The Pilgrims Puritanism s Social Critique James I Charles I William Laud The Great Migration Huge numbers of immigrants The Passage John Winthrop A Model of Christian Charity Shape of Puritan Society Families The Puritan Community Work and the Family Small farmers and tradesmen Competency Hierarchical Family structure Coverture The Little Commonwealth Towards Development in New England Key Themes Puritan Revolution in England Calvinismvs The Anglican Church Separatists and Stay in Puritans Great Migration 1630s The Puritan Community Social Life in New England

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ACPHS HIS 2040 - Lecture 4 & 5

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