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Course Number PMY 199 Course Name Let s talk Diversity Inclusion Culture and Equity DICE UB Seminar 3 credits Faculty Name Margarita L Dubocovich PhD FACNP FASPET Contact mdubo buffalo edu Course Assistant Angelina Angie Ritorto Contact aritorto buffalo edu Office Department Pharmacology and Toxicology Room 3212 Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 955 Main Street University at Buffalo Buffalo NY 14031 Office Hours via Zoom Margarita L Dubocovich by appointment mdubo buffalo edu Angelina M Ritorto Angie Wednesdays 2 to 4 pm aritorto buffalo edu Course Information Lecture Friday 09 00 am 10 15 am 75min Recitation Friday 10 25 am 11 40 pm 75min Course Description To start a conversation about Diversity it is not easy but the need for creating more diverse inclusive cultural and equitable communities is at the center of our lives This course prepares you to understand the basic concepts of diversity inclusion culture and equity and encourages you to share and identify the right and the wrongs of your own experiences It will inspire you to promote and advocate for diverse inclusive culturally competent and equitable environments no matter where you land in life as a way to decrease incidences of health disparities We will guide you to discover that diversity brings growth creativity and prosperity in personal professional and community settings This course incorporates tools to put in practice the skills necessary to embrace different backgrounds create safe and healthy spaces for all and advocate for underrepresented individuals By the end of this course you will learn concepts of diversity and inclusion cultural competency and equity and how they apply to our everyday healthy lives You will be ready to advocate for inclusive multi cultural and equitable communities and to become ambassador to advocate for and to preserve the health of your communities Be ready to transform into a confident diversity and inclusion ambassador now Student Learning Outcomes Having completed a UB Seminar students will be able to Learning Outcomes Student Achievement of this Learning Outcome 1 Think critically using multiple modes of inquiry 2 Analyze disciplinary content to identify contexts learn fresh perspectives and debate and discuss problems in the field will be Assessed by Group discussions mini learning community activities individual insights class notes readings audiovisual materials related to class topics and readings Group discussions mini learning community debates reporting on individual insights readings and or audiovisual materials 3 Understand and apply the methods of close reading In class assignments aimed to plan prepare present discuss and 1 Learning Outcomes Student Achievement of this Learning Outcome note taking analysis and synthesis 4 Recognize and debate ethical issues and academic integrity in a variety of settings will be Assessed by summarize topics for presentation during the final symposium presentation Discuss and analyze ethical and academic integrity issues during mini learning community meetings and provide individual insights while completing readings audiovisual materials in class assignments mini learning communities discussions and symposium presentation 5 Demonstrate proficiency in oral discourse and written communication Class assignments class participation class and mini learning communities discussions symposium presentation 6 Develop essential research and study skills such as time management 7 Understand the academic expectations pertaining to student at the University at Buffalo and to higher learning at a research university Plan prepare discuss and summarize topics for presentation during their final symposium time management and in class assignments Attendance and participation on all activities and in class assignments Course Requirements Learning outcomes 7 1 2 4 5 7 General During the duration of this seminar students must have access to a computer and internet connection outside to complete assessments Each student will actively participate in class as an individual and as member of a Mini Learning Community Learning outcomes Mini Learning Communities will be formed during the first class by random assignment Students will adopt a name for their Mini Learning Community working as a team every member of the group will be selected to make comments mini presentations and highlights in the name of their group making sure everyone contributes Students will be asked to complete self assessments and group assessments and students will be required to take on a specific role and fulfilling that role will indicate their contribution Learning outcomes 1 2 4 Excused absences are limited to school sanctioned event or religious observations Medical absence must be accompanied by a Students must be on time and seat together with their assigned Mini Learning Community group to facilitate group discussions doctor s note Learning outcomes 7 Learning outcomes 1 2 4 Selected classes will have small assignments about the materials covered in class or reflections that need to be completed during class time and to be reviewed at a future class as indicated Learning outcome 7 All assignments and readings must be completed on time either during class or as assigned homework Learning outcome 3 4 Students will log reflections on DEI experiences based on each lecture and readings of journal articles book chapters and audiovisual materials Selected reflections are expected to be shared and discussed with the class at the end of the semester Learning outcome 1 2 4 7 Each Mini Learning Community will report an impactful example of mistreatment and potential solutions to address those examples will be discussed Learning outcomes 1 2 4 5 All students will complete the time management assignment which requires students to track a week of their time and write a reflection on how that time was spent Additionally the reflection requires students to examine time wasters as well as goals both short and long term and how they spend their time impacts those goals The assignment along with the writing prompt and sample tracking sheet are uploaded to UB Learns at the start of the course Learning outcomes 6 Each student should have a notebook pen and pencil available during class to take quick notes Learning outcomes 1 2 4 5 5 6 Assigned Background Reading Students are responsible for reading the assigned paper s book chapter s articles news stories and for watching

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