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INAG Re ection Essay What de nes a remarkable person Will my friends grow to be the remarkable trailblazers of our era If they do I hope to witness it am I remarkable too It s always been a lingering thought of mine of what factors of a person discern the ordinary to the special However I think once I realized the reality of things I was able to be more content and become a happier person overall The very fact that we exist is already remarkable enough Because of this change in thought I wanted to re ect that through my speech By making the rst half somewhat depressing and condescending maybe I crushed some dreams I wanted to make the second half more powerful more empowering I wanted to show people that maybe life is worth the struggle because anyone could do something remarkable as long as they persisted in their efforts hopefully I was able to show that without being self deceiving at all Some things I believed I did well were my usage of visuals Like my last speech I wanted to begin my introduction with something either interactive or shocking and this time I went with the latter Similar to my other slideshow I began with a single image this time being a professional looking man pointing at the audience I was glad some people liked it that it made my insult to everyone about being unremarkable seem a bit more personal which was what I was going for With the rst part mostly talking about history s remarkable gures I used a variety of portraits images and depictions to illustrate the accomplishments of these individuals and their importance to our world By transitioning from the light tone of William Cavendish s eccentric personality to the solemn topic of Sergei Korolev s legacy my goal was to shift to a more serious aspect of how we view and understand our lives in comparison to history s erce leaders and how we as individuals can still make a great difference Even so the purpose of my speech was something I wish I made a bit more clear I tried to make the point that if one is informed that they will never do anything remarkable with their life perhaps the most appropriate response isn t yeah you re probably right but rather F OFF AND WHO THE F ARE YOU ANYWAY Of course I do not have the guts to tell the class off but I de nitely could have made this point stronger with a more impactful conclusion and sustained passion throughout my talking points Additionally I believe that I really did push the time on this speech Although I practiced and ended up around the 6 minute mark I think in part due to why I ended at exactly 5 minutes was that I was panicking at some moment and missed some points even with the ashcards in my hands Even then it was a good idea to have some information on hand just in case I wasn t able to make the time In case I falled short I could have mentioned that Van Gogh was 27 when he decided to actually take art seriously that Emily Dickinson was largely unrecognized in her life etc Overall I thought I did well and there isn t anything too serious to pick out Of course thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you have a great day night

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UMD INAG 110 - Persuasive Speech

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