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Scenario 1 roofied 1 A red flag in this scenario might be the fact that there is the possibility of Jo getting a Do Jo and Alex both know each other Are we the bystander the only mutual friend in this scenario Depending on whether each of these is true the act might have been out of malice or just a joke Either way it s a red flag that must be taken seriously and confronted with 2 One way to help may be to confront Alex about his actions If the situation escalates and Jo is obviously out of it the best thing to do is stay by his side and keep him safe a Additionally we may have the option to let the bartender know that Alex may be spiking other people s drinks Obviously no bartender would want someone to be engaging in that behavior and they might enact some choices i ii summon law enforcement directly confront Alex 3 A personal barrier you might have is that you are friends with both Jo and Alex a You feel weird about confronting a friend since you re supposed to trust them and you wouldn t expect them to be the type of person to do that but you also want to protect your other friend Jo Personal Reflection How can intervention help build a strong healthy community After completing and watching today s video we feel confident that we now have tools that will help us be smart and active individuals instead of standing back and being a bystander We are armed with ways to keep ourselves our peers and our community safer Overall these things will help the entire university Intervening can come about in a number of ways such as being direct with the individuals involved in an incident and by distracting the individuals to interrupt the issue By doing one or a number of these things we are being proactive in order to take on the issue and confront it head on After reading and fully understanding Scenario 1 as a group we have come up with a number of ways we can try to help the individuals involved and prevent it from happening again In order to immediately take action you make your friend Jo aware of your concerns and suggest that she doesn t drink her drink You may go about this in a calm and quiet way For example you can ask Jo to go to the bathroom with you or ask to talk to her real quick outside If this does not originally work you can confront your other friend Alex and question his actions This may cause a scene but it is something that has to be done to draw attention to the issue which indirectly notifies others around you It is our job to try our best to take action step up and ensure that those around us including ourselves take care of one another and have eachothers backs

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UMD INAG 110 - Scenario

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