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UIUC GS 101 - GS Task 5

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1. My money values have the most influence on my decision. The value of money canbe large or small, depending on its purpose, its source and its motivation. Life is notabsolute, only relative; There is no most. Only more.2. There are many decisions that are difficult for me, as long as they involve money.But personally, values should be changed from the aspect of personal income, that is,they will be constantly improved according to their own class. After completing thisactivity, I realized that there is no best value, only the value that suits me best.3. Thinking about these questions helps me a lot because my ultimate goal in life is topursue happiness, and everyone has a different definition of happiness. Some peoplethink that having money is happiness. Some people think that health and happinessare happiness. For some people, money can be exchanged for happiness andhappiness. Personally, I don't value money very much, just spend enough. I don't thinkmoney can buy happiness and happiness. In fact, as long as people are not greedy,happiness is within

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