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UIUC GS 101 - GS Task 2

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Integrity : The act of truly expressing the information possessed by the subject(referring to the good side), that is, the act is loyal to the good heart. "Integrity" is acommendatory word, which is used to praise a person's good quality of beingconsistent with his words and deeds. Integrity is to help honest individuals betterunderstand themselves and improve themselves. Confronting false individuals,guiding honest individuals to find their own real life after solving the basiccontradiction of honesty and sincere weakness. I think Individual Integrity theoryincludes cognitive theory and interactive theory.Examples:Morals :It is one of the moral social ideologies, the criterion and norm of people'scommon life and behavior. Restrain social life through social or certain class publicopinion. Moral things refer to things that are generally recognized by society and canenhance people's happiness and promote social progress.Examples:Ethics : "ethics" refers to the standard norms of morality, invisible shackles ofrestraint. It is a standard principle or code of conduct that is followed by moralprinciples. Ethics that conforms to morality is good, and the code that violatesmorality is evil. There is no contradiction in morality itself. However, the executorwill have conflicts when implementing the code according to moral principles. Seethe code contradiction for

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