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When I encounter moral temptations or ethical dilemmas , I will consider Ethics first. Because"ethics" refers to the standard norms of morality, invisible shackles of restraint. It is the standardprinciple or code of conduct that is followed according to moral principles. The code that conformsto morality is good, and the code that violates morality is evil. There is no contradiction inmorality itself, and the executor will have conflicts when implementing the code according tomoral principles. I will consider the problem from an objective point of view first. Then I will lookat this problem from the perspective of moral. Practice or activity originates from desire, notrationality. Reason can only distinguish right from wrong, but not cause any activity. Desire is justthe opposite. It can cause activity, but it can't distinguish right from wrong. Desire can obey reasonand oppose reason. The desire to obey reason leads to good choice, while the desire to opposereason leads to poor choice, and morality lies in this good choice. Finally, I'll start from the aspectof intergrity, but if this question satisfies the first two points, then basically there will be noproblem with the third point.20% Integrity45% Ethics35%

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