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UIUC GS 101 - GS Task 3

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1. A community organizer is an effectivecommunicator.2. Community organizers work with thepeople of the community and not for them.3. Community organization is a valuablestrategy at all levels.1. The quality of being honest and havingstrong moral principles.2. Firm adherence to a code of especiallymoral or artistic values.3. A judgement of a person.1. Ethics is one of the social ideologies.2. It is a standard principle or code of conductthat is followed by morality.3. It is an invisible restraint yoke for people.1. Don't trade hours for money.2. Small leaks can sink the ship.3. Although money is important, no one's lifeis important.1. An income sufficient for a livelihood.2. The state or quality of being independent.3. Sufficient income for comfortable self-support; a competence.CommunityMoneyEthicsIndependenceIntegrityMy

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