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UIUC GS 101 - GS Reflection Paper 1

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From 4: 00 to 5: 00 on March 3rd, 2022, I attended an informational onlinemeeting named First Steps Workshop in zoom. The meeting was hosted by an IllinoisAbroad Ambassadors whose name was Catherine Webber. The topic of thisconference is to introduce the problems encountered in studying abroad and thesolutions. This activity introduces in detail the problems and solutions that students whostudy abroad will encounter. For example, when the speaker takes himself as anexample, a big problem is the language barrier. Even if the language score is verygood, there will still be problems in listening and communicating after going out,which the speaker has personally experienced. There are also differences in living habits, which is also a problem you willencounter when studying abroad. Because countries are different, they are not used tofood, daily necessities, lifestyle, laws and regulations. In the face of this problem, thefirst thing we have to do is to get used to living abroad as soon as possible. I also learned about expenses. Before you go abroad, you should have a generalidea of the annual cost of the country you are going to study abroad. However, whenyou first go abroad, you may still often be out of budget and spend a lot of money. Atthis time, we need to learn how to manage our finances, plan our funds and use ourliving expenses reasonably. At the same time, learn about the part-time employmentpolicy of local international students, and learn to work part-time to increase theirincome when time permits.I also learned from this meeting that a person who studies abroad will feelconfused, nervous and panic. You came to a completely strange country alone, andeverything is unknown, which will inevitably have a great impact on your mind;Confusion and panic are normal. You should make new friends as soon as possible!And bravely accept new things, be confident, and make yourself an optimistic,cheerful and easy-going person.Of course, after introducing these problems and some solutions, the presenteralso provided a website called Illinoisabord, a well-used public resource, whichprovided a platform for UIUC students to exchange their difficulties in studyingabroad, and if there are any convenient resources, they can also be shared with otherstudents on this website. In addition, there is a professional advisor on this website toprovide guidance for students to study abroad. Every year, nearly 2,000 UIUCstudents successfully study abroad through this resource, and they have obtainedexcellent grades and

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