RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q11

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1. Which scenario is the best example of social conformitya. After a few weeks at his new job, Peter dresses like everyone in his office2. When chimpanzees were trained to copy a behavior whenever a researcher said,"Do this!" the chimpanzees coulda. copy many new behaviors3. Studies of social transmission of food preferences in rats have shown thata. rats are more likely to eat a novel food if they smell the food on another rat's breathafter observing the other rat eating the food4. Direction of one organism's attention toward specific objects, events, or locationswithin an environment as a result of another organism's action is calleda. stimulus enhancement5. Which statement is true regarding violent entertainment and aggressive behaviora. Children who play violent video games behave more aggressively than children whoplay nonviolent video games when tested immediately afterward6. Neurons in _____ respond when a bird hears a song and when it produces thesonga. the high vocal center (HVC) and the robust nucleus of the archistriatum (RA)7. Researchers hypothesized that mirror neurons provide a basic mechanism fortrue _____ of simple actions, allowing researchers to directly examine themechanisms bettera. Imitation8. In a nursery, if one baby starts crying, there is a tendency for the other babies toalso start crying. This is an example ofa. emotional contagion9. Stroke-related damage in the _____ in particular can disrupt imitative abilitiesa. frontal lobes10. One-year-old Dahlia observed her mother eating peas by poking them with a forkand bringing them to her mouth. Dahlia picked up a fork, used her fingers tobalance some peas on the fork, and brought them to her mouth. This is anexample ofa. Emulation11. James observed his father raking up leaves in the front yard. He proceeded toget a rake and raked up leaves just like his father did. This is an example ofa. true imitation12. The automatic repetition of words or phrases immediately after hearing themspoken is known asa. Echolalia13. _____ neurons respond during both performance of an action and observationsof that same actiona. Mirror14. One of the most important elements in copying a behavior is having a reason torepeat the observed action. Bandura referred to this asa. motivation for reproducing15. Children with autism spectrum disorder often have difficultya. reliably copying the meaningful actions of

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RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q11

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