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RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q10

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1. What is the phenomenon in which exposure to an uncontrollable punisherreduces the chance that an organism will try to make an avoidance responsea. learned helplessness2. When researchers injected participants with a stress hormone that increasesarousal and then put them in a room with a person who acted either irritated orjoyful, they found that the participants reported feelinga. the same emotion as the other person in the room3. Which statement is true regarding flashbulb memoriesa. Rehearsing and discussing the event can introduce inaccuracies into the memory4. Which statement has been suggested as a mechanism by which thehippocampus affects fear learning in the amygdalaa. The hippocampus receives signals from the basolateral nucleus and glucocorticoidsfrom the adrenal glands5. Which statement is true regarding activation of the amygdala in normal healthypeoplea. Higher amygdala activation is correlated with better memory6. Suppose a researcher shocks a rat when it enters a corner of a learningchamber. If the researcher injects the rat with epinephrine immediately followingthe shock, the rat willa. wait longer than normal before entering that corner again7. People who listen to an emotional narrative while watching an accompanyingslide show remember the pictures from thea. emotional parts of the slide show particularly well8. What is the therapeutic technique in which successive approximations of afeared stimulus are presented while a patient learns to stay relaxeda. systematic desensitization9. The body changes that occur during arousal are mediated by the _____ systema. autonomic nervous10. Lesions of the central nucleus of the amygdala disrupt the ability to respond to_____ in a conditioned emotional response paradigma. the CS but not the US11. The basolateral nucleus of the amygdala is responsible fora. modulating storage and retrieval of emotional memories12. A rat that is placed in a pool of water can learn to locate and climb onto asubmerged platform in order to get out of the water. This is an example ofa. conditioned escape13.Which human response has been found in other mammals like rats in which anultrasonic vocalization is expresseda. laughter14.According to the James–Lange theory of emotion, thea. bodily responses associated with an emotion leads to the conscious feeling of thatemotion15. PTSD appears to bea. dependent on individual factors that influence vulnerability to

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