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RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q2

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1. When Harley reaches to catch a basketball, the neurons that carry the messagefrom Harley's brain to the muscles in Harley's arms and hands are part of hisa. peripheral nervous system2. The part of cerebral cortex that is important for processing visual elements is thea. occipital lobe3. Which part of the brain helps regulate automatic functions such as breathinga. Brainstem4. What is the usual function of dendritesa. receiving signals from other neurons5. Rats raised in an enriched environment experience _____ control groupsa. better maze learning than6. Which part(s) of a neuron transmit(s) information to other neuronsa. Axon7. Many basic reflexesa. do not require the brain's involvement8. Incoming sensory information is passed from the thalamus to thea. primary sensory cortices9. In functional neuroimaging, a difference image is used for determininga. how much neural activity has changed relative to a baseline10. Which neuroimaging technique uses electrodes to record electrical activityemitted from a person's scalpa. electroencephalography (EEG)11. Which field involves the study of patients with specific types of brain damage inorder to learn about the relation between brain function and behaviora. neuropsychology12. Most synapses are between thea. axon of the presynaptic neuron and the dendrite of the postsynaptic neuron13. Neurotransmitters area. chemical substances that carry messages between neurons14. What is synaptic plasticitya. the ability of synapses to change as a result of experience15. Long-term potentiation has been shown to occura. when the presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons are active at the same

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