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RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q1

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1. Sets of statements devised to explain a collection of facts are calleda. Theories2. If I say "left," it might make one think of the word "right." The connection in one'smemory between these concepts is known asa. Associationism3. The process by which changes in behavior arise as a result of experience andinteraction in the world is known asa. Learning4. _____ is a record of one's past experiencesa. Memory5. The view that all ideas are the result of experience is calleda. Empiricism6. Classical conditioning involvesa. learning that one stimulus predicts an important event7. After a dog salivates to the sound of a specific bell tone, the dog also salivates atthe sound of a slightly different bell tone. This is an example ofa. Generalization8. In which type of learning do organisms learn to respond in order to obtain oravoid important consequencesa. instrumental (operant) conditioning9. The principle that the mind and body exist as separate entities, each withdifferent characteristics and governed by its own laws, is calleda. Dualism10. Behaviorism focuses on the study ofa. observable behaviors11. While most bacteria are eliminated by antibiotics, some can possess mutationsthat are resistant to antibiotics, leading to more drug-resistant strains of bacteria.Such a mutation is an example of which of Charles Darwin's proposed criteria fortraits to evolve through natural selectiona. The trait must make the individual more fit to survive12. The idea that rats have a cognitive map of a maze is supported by the findingthat ratsa. can navigate the maze, even if they start from a novel position.13.In Ebbinghaus's studies of memory, the length of delay between learning andrelearning was the _____ variablea. Independent14. George Miller discovered that the average digit span isa. about 715. Connectionist models propose that learning and memory involvea. networks of connections between simple processing units called

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