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RU 830 330 - Psychology of Learning Q4

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1. The final exit point of CR information from the cerebellum is/are thea. interpositus nucleus2. Drug users sometimes experience an elevated reaction to their drug when theytake it in a new environment because thea. CR is not present to counteract the UR3. Which result suggests that the hippocampus is critical for CS modulation effectsa. Hippocampal lesions eliminate latent inhibition in rabbit eyeblink conditioning4. When a more salient cue within a compound acquires more of the share of theattention and learning than the less salient cue, it is known asa. Overshadowing5. When the eyeblink reflex is conditioned using a tone, the conditioned response isa. blinking in response to the tone6. Bouton's work suggests that cue-exposure therapy shoulda. be spread out over time7. Which statement has been viewed as evidence of an error-correction mechanismin the braina. Activity in the inferior olive is high at the start of training and diminishes withsuccessive trials8. The spontaneous recovery of a CR suggests thata. the CR is not gone after extinction9. The difference between whether an animal expects the US and whether the USactually occurs is known asa. a prediction error10.According to the idea of latent inhibition, pre-exposing a rat to a light by itself willmake ita. harder for the rat to learn to associate the light with food11. Classical conditioning in Aplysia appears to involvea. long-term changes in the number of synapses and short-term intracellular changes12. Suppose one conditions a rabbit to give an eyeblink response to a tone. If onethen presents both a tone and a light together followed by a puff of air to theeyes, the rabbit will not blink in response to the light. This demonstratesa. Blocking13. When the US is an unpleasant event such as shock, the conditioning is called_____ conditioninga. aversive14. In order to get Pavlov's dog to experience extinction, one woulda. play the tone repeatedly without any food15. In delay conditioning, thea. CS begins before the US and stays on until the US has

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