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Belgium“Unofficial capitol of Europe, Wallonia, and Flounders” in BrusselsToulouse Symphony orchestraBelgium waffles and chocolateGhentPeace conferences, Treaty of Ghent, Universities, pastoral area, high tech area for Flounders, Automobile manufacture, largest steel mill company owner here.BruggeCompetitor with Antwerp, major seaport, 8 miles off the sea- used to be one it (shift in earth), “Venice of the North”, River through the city, goes into canals, gothic/ neo-gothic era: Dutch style, Americanized and beautiful. Fabric, wool, cloth, and lace. Zee Brugge, 1st Brugge (2 seaports). Downtown equal to agricultural monument.Leige3rd largest in Belgium. Largest in Walloonia. Largest French speaking on Meuse River. Used to be the center of steel capitol- Pittsburg. Gun/Armory manufacturing. EU Aid put here: Aircraft. Rusted out old steel cities.BastogneBattle of the Bulge- General McCall “Nuts”Tons of American cemetariesWWI and WWII battlesLuxembourgCountry not RegionCity: center of W. EuropeEU capitol distribution supreme court located hereMANY European banks are here.NetherlandsMeuse, Rhine into EstuaryKempenland part of Holland and BelgiumIsselmeer- fresh water blocking for damFlevoland- reclaimed from seaAmsterdamMajor city5th largest business city of EuropeFinancial centerLooks like ManhattanGreat Art CenterVan Gogh MuseumNight Watch in Riches MuseumLiberal Red Light DistrictRotterdam#2 in NetherlandsDowntown looks like AmericaErasmus bridgeLargest seaport in EuropeThe HagueThe nominal capitol of AmsterdamSite of Queen’s homeLegal capitol of the worldInternational Court of Justice, etc.Shell company hereUtrechtEnd of the “c”Headquarters of Dutch railroad#2 auto reselling center worldShopping mallsLeidenOldest of Dutch UniversitiesMedical Research and HealthcareTop 3 with Nobel PrizesEindhovenCenter of Dutch BrabantSWITZERLANDJura Mountains along border with France, forms a giant glaciated valley between Jura and the AlpsLake Constance is the origin of the Rhine RiverLake Geneva is the heart of Romandie, French SwitzerlandTicinio – Italian Switzerland, many speak Italian languageSwitzerland is a confederation of cantons. Every canton technically has the authority of an independent nation. Canton system came to be after 30 Years War, each canton formed around religious beliefsZurich – major city of Switzerland, ~30% of population lives here. Largest city of Switzerland, largest German-speaking city. Has been involved in the BANKING industry for a long time. Thousands of banks centered here, famous for laundering money. Extremely low taxes, major corporations settle here, high quality of life. Home of the Club of Rome, incredibly wealthy people who focus on environmental issues. Featured in the Bourne Identity movieGeneva – largest French-speaking city in Switzerland. Has always been identified with peace and tranquility, strongly Protestant area. Lots of international organizations are centered here. World class city. World’s #2 city of diplomacy, after New York City. League of Nations, the Red Cross, United Nations, World Trade Organization, CERN. Famous for production of Swiss watches and high-quality perfumesBern – capital of Switzerland, used to be known as the world capital of communism. Communist leaders and philosophers used to meet in Bern every 2 yearsBasel – a German city, huge factories and Germanic architecture. Famous for PHARMICEUTICALS, known as “Chemical Capital”Lusanne – FAMOUS FOR BEING HEADQUARTERS OF THE OLYMPICS. International court for arbitration of sporting events. 2 huge companies located nearby: Nestle (hated for production of baby formula & bottled water) and Phillip Morris (cigarettes)Davos – once a year in February, the leaders of the world meet here to plan for the future.Zermatt – small city, location of the MATTERHORNAUSTRIAHas ruled the world for thousands of years, as multiple empires. Primarily alpine regionTyrol – region with largest mountains in Austria, tiny valleys in betweenOberosterreich – means “Upper Austria,” near Linz, the home of HitlerAUSTRIADates back before the renaissance. Charlemagne. From the Baltic to the Adriatic, Austria has been in this region under different names for years.ViennaCapitol of world for last 2,000 yearsBeautiful city – OH SHIT CITYHoly Roman EmpireWorld Capitol of MusicMajor Center for Fine Arts#1 city in AustriaFormal Balls- gowns and dancing and the likeGrazMajor Industrial cityUniversitiesNumber 2 city in AustriaCapitol of StyriaLarge Slovenian populationMajor River portOil Refinery/ PetrochemicalsLinzMajor city of OberosterrichNumber 3 in AustriaMajor Industrial CenterOn DanubeChemical IndustryBiggest Industrial on DanubeHome of Pez (candy)Home of Adolf HitlerKlagenfurtNumber 6 in AustriaCapitol of CarinthiaHeavy of light electronicsMainly assemblySkiing destinationSalzburgMozart born hereSound of Music HomeHome of Silent NightSkiingBaroque ArchitectureNumber 4 cityPrimary entry point to MunichHitler’s private estateEagle’s NestTOURISMUniversityInnsbruckCapitol of TyrolCultural center of AustriaNumber 5 cityTruck passing/ Rail centerVery prettySurrounded by Alpine MountainsRomantic Urban SettingNot a tourist town in summerSkiing / 2 Winter OlympicsElectronicsGERMANYMainly two countriesRuhr ValleyCoal Mining and Steel2nd biggest concentration of citiesDusseldorf18 internet companiesCenter for design and fashionBusiness cityDortmundNumber 2 in regionCoal mining centerLogistics centerBlue CollarEssenDeindustrializationSteel Capitol of Europe (Krupp)Industrial warehouse for WarsThyssen-KruppElevators etc.ConstructionCologne4th largest city limitsCultural center for Ruhr Valley20% foreign populationTurkishHeadquarters of Ford EuropeToyota’s Formula OneGerman AirlineHighest Cathedral in WorldEau de Cologne Product95% pop decimated in WWIIFrankfurtBusiness capitol of EuropeECBFederal ReserveHome of Euro / German Stock MarketsHigh Rise CityAmerican StyleTRANSPORTATION gatewayAirport has train centerS-Ban and U-BanNumber 5 cityMotorway HubWorld Alpha CityNew York of GermanyStuttgartMajor ProfitWineMercedes-BenzCar invented herePorsche hereTwo Auto parts manufactureHeadquarters of U.S. Armed ForcesEveryoneCommand for Africa here tooProtestant/ LutheranRadical MovementsMunichBavaria regionVery independentSmallest in historyCatholic cityFounded by MonksLargest city until Berlin became the capitol3rd largest nowHeavy timber – use whole logs, stacked with

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