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Orthodox Recently have become national churches Slavic There are going to be small differences in the Slavic culture that is going to cause friction Shatter belt Balkan Penn Mts Dineric Alps Julian Alps Carpathians Tatras Transylvanian Loess Fine yellow powder caused by glaciers cutting through the mountains Great Ag In these Loess belts Rivers Danube 2nd longest river in Europe International waterway Begins in S Germany and ends in the Black Sea Delta around the Danube is Swampy like Louisiana Drava Tributary of Danube Can be used for transportation Sava Tributary of Danube All former Slavic capitals on this R Can be used for transportation Neretva Small river that flows thru very congested mountains only passage thru these mountains Most famously identify with Bosnia Vardar Winding little river Heart and Soul of Macedonia Maritza In the Area of Thrace Yugoslavia Put together after WW1 Woodrow Wilson Each group are trying to have their own freedom Self Determination Wilson says that all Slavs and should be able to get along and he was way wrong Splits up after WW2 Dalmatia Right along the coast Dinaric Alps Illyria is the province Istria is the peninsula Thousands of Islands off the coast Very Popular tourist destination SUNNY Mediterranean climate Slovenia Julian Alps Has a tiny seafront thru the city of Koper People of Slavic origin who were the first to migrate to this area Have been abused by the Italians Pretty close to Germans Est 1991 Everybody wants to control the city of Trieste Italy Natural Seaport Only urban area in this region Koper Old roman city Italians made it a Seaport Slovenians access to the Sea Pula Capitol of Istria Rijeka Austrian Empire built this city to provide a Seaport for their Navy HQ of Austrian Navy 1 Seaport of Croatia Slovenian Cities Ljubljana Capitol City About the size of Tally BTC city Largest shopping complex in Europe Pharmaceutical Industry Totally European Member of EU NATO etc First country in Europe to adopt the Euro as currency Maribor German City Industrial Suburb of Gratz Austria Heavy Industry and Manufacturing Koper Seaport Manmade Lake Bled Island in Julian Alps Serbs and Croations have the Same language Serbo Croatian That s the only similarity they have Croats killed Serbs in concentration camps during WWII 300 000 Trail of Tears Kicked Serbs out of Croatia 300 000 Croatia Korcula Summer Resort Island Ag Based Olives fruit fishing Hvar Beautiful beaches Sunniest spot in Europe Plitvice National Park Small river passes thu the mountains into lakes Zagreb 1 3 of Croatian pop Primary Service industry for Croatia Split Roman emperor builds palace on the coast Diocletian s Palace Largest building for 800 years Now a mall city Dubrovnik Complete walled city Nothing changed since 1588 Rijeka HQ of Austrian Navy Pula Capitol of Istria Wonderful amphitheater Bosnia Completely in the Dineric Alps Cities are in little river towns Mostar 50 Bosnian 50 Croatian Bridge of Mostar Megegoria Religious Pilgrimage Sarajevo Capital of Bosnia Completely surrounded by mountains 2 winter Olympics held here Biggest product is tobacco Significant Jewish Community Banja Luka Over 100 000 Serbs here were kicked out of Croatia Hatred of Muslims Visegrad Evo Marlovic Book about the bridge in the Drina Neum Port Serbia Poor Country Belgrad Beograd Almost 2 million People Big city Major Transport center Still recovering from the war Good place for profit Novi Sad Socialist Worker city 2nd city of Serbia Major Industry Largest Oil reserve in Serbia Lots of wheat 10 Slavic 10 Hungarian Nis Transportation center of Serbia Huge Railroad Yard Station Electronic Industry 3rd largest city in Serbia Vrsac Major Border crossing between Serbia and Romania Kosovo Heavily Mountains One railroad goes thru it at about 20mph Roads all beat up Basket case Albanians Vojvodina Hungarian Albania Short Almost white hair Many went to Kosovo Thrown out by Serbians Civil War Kosovo Pristina 1 million people Capitol Prizen 130 000 Cultural Hearth of Serbia Pec Center of the Serbian orthodox church Full of coal Uses the Euro Lowest GDP in Europe Montenegro Mountainous and Swamp Racially different from anyone else around here Short Thin Dark hair Less than 1 million Continued as part of Yugoslavia until 2006 28 Serbian Less than half Montenegran Mineral extraction bauxite Podgorica Titograd Ultimate great socialist worker city Flat land Niksic Huge steel mill Among the cheapest wages in Europe Bar Primary seaport Kotor Macedonia Alexander the Great from here Greece sees Macedonia as part of its traditional homeland 2million people 60 Macedonian 3 roma gypsy like one of the lowest GDPs in Europe Skopje 45 of population in country metal industry outsorced euro industry beautiful old Turkish center Lake Ohrid Major tourist destination Albania Pindus Mts 60 75 mts very large and broad coastal plain Eastern Albania is full of greeks 85 are racially Turkish Enver Hocxhaja Thought Russia was to Liberal Communism had to really be a proletariat revolution Last euro country to throw out communism Tirana 600 000 people a lot of Italian influence Durres Seaport Was a beautiful beach back in the day Leather and Tobacco products Shkoder Albanian racial group lives here Full of Catholics Center of their culture 2 Universities Catholic University Islamic University Lake Ohird Bulgaria Danub River The iron gates huge tourist attraction mountains on both sides Maritza River Balkan Mts in the north Rhodope Mts in the south Bulgarians are Slavic Cyrillic alphabet Bulgaria and Romania are the newest members to the UN Do not use the euro Economy is way below the rest of Europe Gangs are controlling the industry and also the government Sofia Big mountain Ski slopes Downtown Sofia has some old character to it Plovdiv Actually making a profit here Roman outpost back in the day Fastest growing area in the Balkans Bourgas 200 000 people Lukeoil refinery Sunny Beach nearby Miami beach Varna 3rd largest city 500 000 60 of economy bc of tourism Golden sands Miami beach Center for Mutri Mafia Unemployment around 2 Europes pipeline to Russia begins here Last battle of the crusades was fought here Romania Different from every other place we spoke about this chapter 22 million population and decreasing rapidly Walachians Can understand Italian and vice versa Orthodox A lot of Germans Sided with Adolf Hitler Systematization In order for communism to be successful they must begin history with communism everything

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