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OrthodoxRecently have become national churchesSlavicThere are going to be small differences in the Slavic culture that is going to cause frictionShatter beltBalkan Penn.Mts.Dineric AlpsJulian AlpsCarpathians (Tatras/Transylvanian)LoessFine yellow powder caused by glaciers cutting through the mountainsGreat Ag. In these Loess beltsRiversDanube2nd longest river in EuropeInternational waterwayBegins in S. Germany and ends in the Black SeaDelta around the Danube is Swampy like LouisianaDravaTributary of DanubeCan be used for transportationSavaTributary of DanubeAll former Slavic capitals on this RCan be used for transportationNeretvaSmall river that flows thru very congested mountains, only passage thru these mountainsMost famously identify with BosniaVardarWinding little riverHeart and Soul of MacedoniaMaritzaIn the Area of ThraceYugoslaviaPut together after WW1 (Woodrow Wilson)Each group are trying to have their own freedom (Self-Determination)Wilson says that all Slavs and should be able to get along and he was way wrongSplits up after WW2DalmatiaRight along the coast (Dinaric Alps)Illyria is the provinceIstria is the peninsulaThousands of Islands off the coastVery Popular tourist destination (SUNNY)Mediterranean climateSloveniaJulian AlpsHas a tiny seafront thru the city of KoperPeople of Slavic origin who were the first to migrate to this areaHave been abused by the ItaliansPretty close to GermansEst. 1991Everybody wants to control the city of Trieste (Italy)Natural SeaportOnly urban area in this regionKoperOld roman cityItalians made it a SeaportSlovenians access to the SeaPulaCapitol of IstriaRijekaAustrian Empire built this city to provide a Seaport for their NavyHQ of Austrian Navy#1 Seaport of CroatiaSlovenian CitiesLjubljanaCapitol CityAbout the size of TallyBTC cityLargest shopping complex in EuropePharmaceutical IndustryTotally EuropeanMember of EU, NATO, etc.First country in Europe to adopt the Euro as currencyMariborGerman CityIndustrial Suburb of Gratz (Austria)Heavy Industry and ManufacturingKoperSeaport (Manmade)Lake BledIsland in Julian AlpsSerbs and Croations have the Same languageSerbo-CroatianThat’s the only similarity they haveCroats killed Serbs in concentration camps during WWII300,000Trail of TearsKicked Serbs out of Croatia300,000CroatiaKorculaSummer Resort IslandAg. BasedOlives fruit fishingHvarBeautiful beachesSunniest spot in EuropePlitviceNational ParkSmall river passes thu the mountains into lakesZagreb1/3 of Croatian popPrimary Service industry for CroatiaSplitRoman emperor builds palace on the coast (Diocletian’s Palace)Largest building for 800 yearsNow a mall/cityDubrovnikComplete walled cityNothing changed since 1588RijekaHQ of Austrian NavyPulaCapitol of IstriaWonderful amphitheaterBosniaCompletely in the Dineric AlpsCities are in little river townsMostar50% Bosnian 50% CroatianBridge of MostarMegegoriaReligious PilgrimageSarajevoCapital of BosniaCompletely surrounded by mountains2 winter Olympics held hereBiggest product is tobaccoSignificant Jewish CommunityBanja LukaOver 100,000 Serbs here were kicked out of CroatiaHatred of MuslimsVisegradEvo MarlovicBook about the bridge in the DrinaNeumPortSerbiaPoor CountryBelgrad (Beograd)Almost 2 million PeopleBig cityMajor Transport centerStill recovering from the warGood place for profitNovi SadSocialist Worker city2nd city of SerbiaMajor IndustryLargest Oil reserve in SerbiaLots of wheat10% Slavic10% HungarianNisTransportation center of SerbiaHuge Railroad Yard/StationElectronic Industry3rd largest city in SerbiaVrsacMajor Border crossing between Serbia and RomaniaKosovoHeavily MountainsOne railroad goes thru it at about 20mphRoads all beat upBasket caseAlbaniansVojvodinaHungarianAlbaniaShortAlmost white hairMany went to KosovoThrown out by SerbiansCivil WarKosovoPristina1 million peopleCapitolPrizen130,000Cultural Hearth of SerbiaPecCenter of the Serbian orthodox churchFull of coalUses the EuroLowest GDP in EuropeMontenegroMountainous and SwampRacially different from anyone else around hereShortThinDark hairLess than 1 millionContinued as part of Yugoslavia until 200628% SerbianLess than half MontenegranMineral extraction – bauxitePodgorica (Titograd)Ultimate great socialist worker cityFlat landNiksicHuge steel millAmong the cheapest wages in EuropeBarPrimary seaportKotorMacedoniaAlexander the Great from hereGreece sees Macedonia as part of its traditional homeland2million people60% Macedonian3% roma“gypsy like”one of the lowest GDPs in EuropeSkopje45% of population in countrymetal industry (outsorced euro industry)beautiful old Turkish centerLake OhridMajor tourist destinationAlbaniaPindus Mts60-75% mtsvery large and broad coastal plainEastern Albania is full of greeks85% are racially TurkishEnver HocxhajaThought Russia was to LiberalCommunism had to really be a proletariat revolutionLast euro country to throw out communismTirana600,000 peoplea lot of Italian influenceDurresSeaportWas a beautiful beach back in the dayLeather and Tobacco productsShkoderAlbanian racial group lives hereFull of CatholicsCenter of their culture2 UniversitiesCatholic UniversityIslamic UniversityLake OhirdBulgariaDanub RiverThe iron gates, huge tourist attraction, mountains on both sidesMaritza RiverBalkan Mts in the northRhodope Mts in the southBulgarians are SlavicCyrillic alphabetBulgaria and Romania are the newest members to the UNDo not use the euroEconomy is way below the rest of EuropeGangs are controlling the industry and also the governmentSofiaBig mountainSki slopesDowntown Sofia has some old character to itPlovdivActually making a profit hereRoman outpost back in the dayFastest growing area in the BalkansBourgas200,000 peopleLukeoil refinerySunny Beach nearby (Miami beach)Varna3rd largest city500,00060% of economy bc of tourismGolden sands (Miami beach)Center for Mutri (Mafia)Unemployment around 2%Europes pipeline to Russia begins hereLast battle of the crusades was fought hereRomaniaDifferent from every other place we spoke about this chapter22 million population and decreasing rapidlyWalachiansCan understand Italian and vice versaOrthodoxA lot of GermansSided with Adolf HitlerSystematizationIn order for communism to be successful they must begin history with communism – everything before communism is destroyedLeaders wanted to make Romania a great European Power so they outlawed birth control to increase the populationBucharestLittle Paris of the EastCultural, industrial, financial capital of

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