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Planning and Producing MEEC Gathering Make it Work Initial Steps Understand the group Who are they and why are they there o The groups wants and the groups needs Who is the group you are serving Why are they here o Launch party example the roll out that new product What is the objective of this event Aim or Goal o Why is the group of 400 movie execs from the 1960 s meeting Reasons to Attend Events Education o Certification licensing CEUs and CME Networking o B2B P2P B2P o B Business P Professional Conduct Business Setting Objectives Objectives Drive Program Planning Focus on Attendees o ROI Employees would go back and have a higher production and work harder o Never decrease Want more ROI and spend less money o More for less Who Why and Objectives Impact o Site Selection Why you choose the location for your event Choosing NY for when you launch cookies N cream m ms o F B Higher end o Transportation How will your guests arrive celebrities Cabs cars o Room Layout and Set up o Program content What are my guests going to experience Chapter 9 Advertising PR Promo Sponsorships The Five P s of Marketing Product o Perceived Value o Added Value Promotion Everything one deserves plus a little more o Not just meeting your needs but going above and beyond for your clients o Jeff Galloway Olympian Runner problem was that no one knew he was coming to town until that afternoon o Do not rely on word of mouth o Steps 1 ID all event elements that require promo 2 Allocate resources 3 ID partners to share costs 4 Target to markets If I m an extreme sports event don t market to 60 yr old over weight people I would market clubs of that nature younger adults 5 Measure Analyze and Correct You have learned from previous events o Includes Advertising At a classical music event put in an advert for music festival Book of world records here for biggest ice cream sandwich Stunts Cross Promo Street Promo 2 types of promo at same time Handing out flyers Price o Market Resource Determines Profit versus non profit ROI If you want to make money you will have to charge more ROI determining how much sales went up and how much you spent o Two factors determines money Financial philosophy of the event Musical events are often only to get kids interested in music therefore they don t want to charge a lot so that they can get more people to come Competition how much do they charge versus other people Want a lot about this but you can t make someone write a great article Public Relations o What others say about your event about you o Needs to be credible o Should always be free Bartering a free event for some advertising would be advertising not PR Place o Distribution Location This is partly promotion Perry Fl is boring compared to Orlando FL o Rural Locations Growing in Popularity People are looking for something new and different and many people have already traveled to big locales People enjoy the small town feel it s a novelty Cheaper but transportation may be more of an issue can t fly into Dothan Advertising should read what the book says about this Many places don t have accommodations for 20 00 attendees alabama o Taste Style Helps define attendee o Cost and size Let them know what it will be like What you say about the Event o You control it Message Consistent and congruent Print Electronic o Mugs Brochures are print Flyers billboards o Same flyer all around town not different ones o Twitter social media TV Radio and electronic Integrated Event marketing o Multiple marketing channels o The author of our books suggests this but not all authors suggest this He means using email and twitter as well as print Sponsorship 25 billion industy world wide Majority are sports related Trend is to diversify o Fairs festivals and cultural event Corporations that provide or product Event Promotion Techniques Advertising PR Cross Promo Stunts worlds largest pizza Invitation Internal Versus External Even Marketing Internal External o Individual events o Zoo Shopping Mall Destination Shopping mall can t promote itself without promiting the boat show in the parking lot External Internal Boat show can t promote itself without saying it is at the mall o Mini Events Major events Lighting of the olyimpic torch leads to the Olympics Invitation Print Electronic Flyer Name Date Time Locations Dress requirement Transportation and parking ROE Return on Event Email Communication Multiple Channels Evaluation o Clipping and Media marketing Service 3rd party Safety and Security Risk of Assembly Property damages Human Life o Can be stolen or damaged by guests and the security deposit doesn t cover the o As well as when you have a cat bird dog show Can lose one of those o Someone may trip on a dog leash at a dog show and bust their chin open and Injury theft acts of god they may need stitches Loss of business 2 types o Downtime and bad publicity o Having money stolen who loses your company or the company you are working for o Having your place burn down bad publicity o May have to refund your client because of your negligence Increased insurance Premiums o May result from having underage people being served alcohol and on their way home they receive a DUI or kill someone Increased Expenses The occurrence Loss of business o Down time o Bad publicity Risk Assessment Meeting Who should attend o Every event should have one of these and o F B Event leader someone from the association o Someone from each department and then they should relay to their departments See pages 393 and 394 Before the Meeting Pre meeting tasks figure 11 4 Audit Team Members o Ask their team members how they feel about the procedures so they can relay this at the meeting Compile Risks associated with area o Comes from auditing your team members Submit list prior to meeting o Comes from auditing your team members Develop and disperse meeting agenda o Always have an agenda and how long you anticipate it taking o This way they know where there are too many cords or if there are open cords Purpose of Meeting Awareness O covers on outlets etc Team Building Common Goal Highlight importance Reccomendations Alleviating Risks The Meeting Hollow square room set Copy of agenda for each o Everyone should receive a copy at the table Participant see figure 11 5 Event planner facilitates meeting o Ask for input make it a dialogue not a lecture o What are the recommendations for the different departments audits Welcome and Set Tone Review Agenda Review list of risks Risk Reduction ID

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