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Chapter 4 Event Leadership HR Time Management No one likes to be told what to do but sometimes it s necessary Use when time is short Emergency Such as when a building ia on fire Doesn t work well with volunteers Leadership Styles slide 2 Democratic Slide 3 known as research stage Collaborative Decision Used during early stages Facilitates team building Skills Listening and facilitating Drawback takes time Autocratic slide 4 Use sparingly Laissez Faire slide 5 Mentor and stimulator Staff manage own areas Not often used in event Management Works under slide 6 Inspirational Leadership Strong and creative subordinates Common goal and culture Leadership Characteristics slide 7 MEEC Industry and individual must be Integrity Confidence and Persistence Collaborative decision Problem Solving Communication slide 8 Vision slide 9 Page 136 Focus Sustainable events CSR at the core Read Well Speak Well Write well this is important for visualizing painting a pictchya Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges to Teamwork slide 10 Communication slide 11 Action Required Use Non Traditional Communication Audio Tapes Video Tapes Written changes orders Self Interest Dependability slide 12 Volunteers Profit vs Non profit Will have more clout if these volunteers are here from the company instead of from somewhere else 25 50 More than needed Think you need 100 you should have 125 150 Passport or Gift System Passport volunteer for Disney run you get a free ticket to one of the Disparity skills personality experiences kingdoms Recruit dependable people Keep records Trust and collaboration slide 18 Trust Stakeholders Collaboration Volunteers slide 13 Decreased of hours Recruit slide 14 Corporate America Civic Fraternal Organizations Social Media Family Friends of Stakeholders Train slide 15 A must Comprehensive Handbooks Prior vs Day of Test for mastery Reward slide 16 Recognition Early frequent contant Dependability slide 17 On time is late Set up at 8 am When to show up Why Event Planners slide 19 Inspire Encourage Organization recruiting training and retention Celebrate your success The Key is Purpose Articulate and convince Goal meet exceed Time Management slide 20 and 26 Increases ability to complete Stay on time Finish tasks early Consolidate resources Combine meetings Delegate Don t overestimate capacity HR Management slide 21 23 Customer service industry The intangibles Create memorable positive experiences HR requires Individual and team Volunteers Don t scrimp Diversity Staff More women Cultural insight Coordinate Volunteers Majority events entirely volunteer Volunteer Issues slide 24 25 Changing Profile Less full time Balance of Activities family etc More volunteers Less net hours Use current volunteers for referrals Use rewards Train and test volunteers Bottom up org chart if primary Testimonials and videos inspire Organizational Charts slide 27 Flat structure Little opportunity for growth Dynamic structure Top down slide 28 Military Large corporations Government agencies Bottom up Volunteer driven organizations Board is foundation May include paid staff The Event Leader and Charts Always should appear At center or near top of chart Always oversees Directs event Policies and Procedures Reference Tool Every event Written Policies Procedures On Site Production Event Research Event Designed Event Planned Next Step On Site Production Key Terms Timeline Implementation tactics for policy Chapter 8 On Site Production o Sequential Days Weeks Months o All tasks o 5 Phases Research design planning coordination evaluation Production Schedule o Major task w in Timeline o What happens when When do we pick up giveaway and where is that happening o Minute by Minute tasks and activities Begins with venue inspection and the rooms Ends with venue re inspection Want to walk everything from where the guests arrive walk up Want to leave this facility the same as it was when you arrived client must pay for any damages Similar to resume and event inspection guide Resume o All components for meeting or function room Time Equipment Fri 1 2 PM Room 102 U Shape 20 Each Coffee Over head Juice F B Communication tool Board Meet Contingency Plans o Speaker running late Extend entertainment o Speaker cancels Panel discussion Video Skype o Food vendor late o Food vendor no show Video Magnification WILL BE ON TEST o Cameras o Projectors o Screens o For a simultaneous broadcast to large audiences o Allows for people to see the speaker no matter where they are sitting Often used at concerts Jumbotrons at sports venues Timeline Production Schedule Every element scheduled logical sequence Communication Tool Safety Device Easy Updates Historical data Financial Effectiveness Resource Allocation Duplications Maneuvering Tasks Automate Registration decreased Event Registration Counter signs above eye level when they arrive o Also need technology for check in Security Lock equipment money Event speakers Industry speaker o Authority in the specific industry o Such as Emeril Lagasse o American Bar Association Judge Mathis Professional Speaker o This way no one can stand in front of a sign and confuse guest Consider access to technology o Does everything need to be printed beforehand or do you have the ability to print o Makes living speaking o Zig Zigler Where to find them o National speakers association People listed that you can use entertainers o Colleges Universities Dean of the College of Law at FSU or any college o Professional Organizations Toastmasters industry specific Professional speakers need o Lighting o Sound Always ask if they would like a mic or not often times they will they refuse a mic If they want one see which type they are most comfortable with Be very careful with music it is a great lead in but it is very difficult to focus when it is playing over a speaker Especially in a larger venue such as Madison Square Gardens o Audiovisual Audiovisual Effects Lighting o Dim lighting so that it doesn t bother the speaker with being right in their face o Definitely more lighting on the speaker as opposed to the stage o Color tones depending on the type of content they will be covering Warmer tones when it s funny Cooler tones if it is more serious o Provides Safety Ambiance Lighting to indicate steps up down Such as when a couple is sharing their first dance at a wedding Center and Focus Cake Functionality reading Sound o Established mood Depending on your crowd older folks will need a brighter light in order for them to

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FSU HFT 3519 - Chapter 4 Event Leadership

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