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Word Theory Test Study Guide—40 multiple choice questionsCGS2100 CookseyWord Theory Test Study Guide—40 multiple choice questions[Type the document title] is an example of HEADER.table in a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or an Access database can be used as a data source for a mail merge.A DATA SOURCE is a document that contains the data, such as clients’ name and addresses that you can insert into the main document.A main advantage to tab stops and tables is that when you edit data, THE ALIGNMENT REMAINS INTACT.A row at the top, called the RIBBON, contains the names of each field.A(n) BIBLIOGRAPHY is an alphabetic list of all the books, magazines, Web sites, movies, and other works that you refer to in a research paper.Add a section break at the INSERTION POINT when creating two columns.After you finish typing a document, you need to _REVISE it carefully from start to finish.An example of a special visual enhancement to a document is TEXT EFFECTS.Another useful tool for correcting errors is Word’s SPELL AND GRAMMAR CHECK, which continually checks your document against Word’s built-in dictionary.Apply border settings only from this point forward in the document, click_ the Page Borders button on the Page Layout tab to open the Borders and Shading dialog box then choose the "apply to" list.Choose the Page Layout tab, and then, in the Page Setup group, click the Columns button to format text in two columns.From the Navigation pane, you can PROMOTE a subordinate heading to the next level up in the heading hierarchy.Identify the Mail Merge task pane Identify the options of the find and replace dialog boxIf you press the CONTROL + END keys, the insertion point moves to the end of the document.The CLIPBOARD is a temporary storage area on your computer that holds objects such as text or graphics until you need them.The document THEME controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available for formatting a document.The final document created after a mail merge is called MERGED DOCUMENT.The indent buttons on the Home tab allow you to increase or decrease paragraph indenting in increments of 1/2 inches.The tab stop that is selected by default and is probably the tab style used most often is THE LEFT STYLE.To PASTE means to insert a copy of whatever is on the Clipboard into the document.To change font and font size, you first must HIGHLIGHT the text.To change the text wrap setting for clip art, click the WRAP TEXT button.To copy formatting from the selected text to other text in the document, use the FORMATE PAINTER BUTTON.To copy selected text, you can use the keyboard command CNTRL+C.To delete only the contents of the table, but not the table itself, PRESSS THE DELETE KEY.To ensure that Word checks your entire document for errors, it is a good practice to _PRESS CTRL+HOME before using the Spelling and Grammar Checker.To format a list in sequential order, you should use a(n) NUMBER LIST.To format part of a document in an orientation different from the rest of the document, you need to DIVIDE THE DOCUMENTS INTO SECTIONS.To open the gallery of styles for page numbers, click _PAGE NUMBERS INSERT TAB.To reveal a nonprinting character, click the SHOW/HIDE PARAGRAPHS button on the Paragraph tab.To save a document with a new name, click the SAVE AS Button and enter a new filename.To search for and then insert clip art in your document, you use the Clip Art task pane- In the Search for box in the Clip Art task pane, you enter words or phrases, known as keywords, that describe the image, sound, or video you need.When Word copies text to another location, the item remains in its ORIGINAL LOCATION location.What is not an example of a field? WORD ARTWhat can be included in a table? TEXTS AND GRAPHICSWhat are ways to move text in Word?_ drag and drop, copy and paste, cut and pasteWith a HANGING indent, all lines except the first line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin.You typed a paragraph on page 2 that should appear on page 7. To move that paragraph to the correct place in your document, you should use THE CLIPBOARD TASK

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TCC CGS 2100 - Word Theory Test Study Guide

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