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| Laboratory Protocol and Safety ixName: Date: TA’s Name: Lab Section: LAB SAFETY QUIZ BIO205L Information about lab protocol and safety issues discussed and/or tested on by the GTAs is considered warning of any risks that might be incurred when taking BIO 205/369/401/488. All information regarding lab protocol and lab safety presented in this lab manual or presented by the lab instructor is considered to be a warning of risks that may be incurred as a participant in the microbiology lab.Directions: This is an ALL OR NOTHING quiz (10 technical points). For the following questions, circle whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE. If a statement is FALSE, rewrite the statement correctly. 1. When coming in to check cultures at times other than your regularly scheduled lab, you DO NOT have to wear your lab coat. TRUE FALSE 2. Eating, drinking, and applying lip gloss while in the laboratory IS PERMITTED. TRUE FALSE 3. Cell phones will not be used in the laboratory under any circumstance.TRUE FALSE4. If your microscope is NOT in good working condition, you should try to fix it yourself. TRUE FALSEx Laboratory Protocol and Safety | 5. You should assume that the inoculating loop/needle is contaminated until it is sterilized in the flame. TRUE FALSE 6. If an accident occurs where culture is spilled, you should clean it up immediately. TRUE FALSE 7. When using culture tubes, it is acceptable to place them in the student bins with the stains. TRUE FALSE 8. Under certain circumstances, students may remove cultures from the laboratory. TRUE FALSE 9. You must wash your hands with soap and water upon arriving and before leaving the laboratory. TRUE FALSE 10. You must wash your work bench with QT Cleaner and a damp sponge upon arriving and before leaving the laboratory. TRUE FALSE| Laboratory Protocol and Safety xi11. It is NOT necessary to wear safety glasses when working with bacterial cultures. TRUE FALSE 12. Gloves MUST be worn when working with stains and reagents that may be toxic to the skin. TRUE FALSE 13. If you are pregnant, or otherwise immunocompromised (i.e., HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy treatment, etc.), you may be at greater risk than otherwise. TRUE FALSE 14. Each student is held responsible for the equipment that is either assigned to or used by them. TRUE FALSE 15. If a culture tube is dropped or broken, the student should clean it up immediately and then notify the TA. TRUE FALSE 16. Broken glass, such as slides or cover slips, should be disposed of into a wastebasket or the Nalgene buckets provided on the lab bench. TRUE FALSExii Laboratory Protocol and Safety | 17. Open wounds should be covered before coming into the lab. TRUE FALSE 18. Mouth pipetting is allowed only if the TA is assisting you. TRUE FALSE 19. Your lab coat should be laundered and bleached periodically during the semester. TRUE FALSE 20. Open-toed shoes are permitted in the laboratory during summer sessions only. TRUE FALSE 21. Failure to follow directions from the laboratory instructor may result in dismissal from the class (both lecture and lab). TRUE FALSE 22. Disposable gloves (whether clean or used) may be worn outside of the laboratory and when using common equipment like a phone or computer. TRUE

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