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| Laboratory Protocol and Safety viiName: Date: TA’s Name: Lab Section: LABORATORY RULESIn this laboratory, students will be working with bacteria that are pathogenic for humans and animals. The safety of each student is dependent upon the strict observance of laboratory rules. Exhibition of carelessness by a student that may endanger the well-being of others will result in the dismissal of that student from the class. The following rules MUST be observed. Each rule MUST BE INITIALED. 1. _____ Always wear a laboratory coat when working in the laboratory. 2. _____ SMOKING, EATING, AND DRINKING ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE LABORATORY. 3. _____ Cell phones may never be used in the laboratory during scheduled lab times or open hours.4. _____ Familiarize yourself completely with the details of each experiment before coming to the laboratory.5. _____ The microscope made available to you is a precise and delicate instrument that should be handled with care. If your microscope is not in good working condition, consult your instructor.6. _____ LABEL EVERYTHING that needs to be labeled LEGIBLY with name, date, and experiment. 7. _____ Always flame-sterilize loops both BEFORE and AFTER using. Assume the inoculating needle or loop is contaminated until it is sterilized in the flame. If your hands become contaminated with infectious material, rinse well with disinfectant solution and follow with a thorough scrubbing with soap and water. 8. _____ Accidents are inevitable. If the floor or table top is contaminated by infectious material, NOTIFY THE INSTRUCTOR. 9. _____ In case of injury, notify the instructor immediately. 10. _____ Not all the bacteria in a fixed smear on a slide may be dead. Discard all used microscope slides in trays to be autoclaved. Do not try to clean and reuse them. 11. _____ Place all contaminated materials to be sterilized in appropriately designated containers. 12. _____ Put paper and other non-contaminated waste material into the wastebasket. Do NOT discard paper, cotton swabs, or cover slips in the sinks. 13. _____ Place culture tubes securely in tube racks. Never lay culture tubes on the desk or lean them in a precarious position against a fixture. 14. _____ High-speed photography shows that applying bacterial suspensions onto slides with a loop, mixing bacteria with water on a slide preparatory to fixing, and staining all produce aerosols containing living bacteria. 15. _____ Cultures must not be removed from the laboratory by students under any circumstances. 16. _____ Coats and other materials (other than laboratory exercises) are not to be placed on the lab tables. They may be hung on hooks or placed on the shelf provided. 17. _____ Please notify your laboratory instructor before each lab session of unavoidable absences. 18. _____ YOU MUST WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER UPON ARRIVING AND BEFORE LEAVING THE LABORATORY. 19. _____ Do not leave the lab at any time without first removing gloves and washing hands. 20. _____ Students must wear long pants and closed toed shoes at all times in the lab. 21. _____ NOTE: Because of the nature of microbiology, you will be expected to work outside of your scheduled laboratory hours. A culture may require 18, 24, 72, ... hours of growth, necessitating examination of bacterial cultures at times other than at regularly scheduled lab periods. Christian Romero1/13/2022Anita

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NAU BIO 205L - Lab Rules

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