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Daniel IsinGECIV 100Sister Weber12th February 2022Week 6 Essay 2Philosophers say that one constant since the beginning of time might be Change, however, the fear of Change is also a constant. The states feared the change that the constitution brought, and that fear led to conflicts between them and the federal government. We will explore what fueled these conflicts, and we will see an example of a current dispute between state and national governments that had an impact on me.The Supreme Court judgment in 1857 on the Dredd Scott V. Sanford case, which dealt with slavery, aggravated the already strained relationship between the federal and state governments. Slaves were not regarded citizens in the interpretation of the United States Constitution, and the right of property in a slave is explicitly and unequivocally established in the Constitution, according to the court. This verdict pleased the slave states, but it enraged the free states, who thought that all slaves deserved to be free and that the Constitution should safeguard their freedom. This was one of many significant incidents that eventually led to the Civil War in 1861.The 1854 Kansas/Nebraska Act was an earlier event that intensified the dispute between state and federal governments. Slavery-related tensions had been building before this. The limits for the formation of slave and free states were defined by the 1820 Missouri compromise. According to the agreement, Kansas should have been established as a free state. Because the majority of its citizens were from Missouri, they desired that the state be a slave state. Congress ruled that a public vote be held to decide the state's status. This decision sparked a brutal political war, but the outcome favored a free state. After the Civil War, when it was apparent that slavery was no longer practiced in the country, this incident was finally settled.Even almost a century later, the federal government and state governments have not managed to agree on everything. The Covid-19 pandemic safety implementation is a recent occurrence that is an excellent example of a disagreement between the state and federal governments in present times. State governments have the authority to regulate public health and implement quarantines for the public's overall safety. The federal government's responsibility is to provide state governments with the resources they need to carry out their responsibilities. Instead, the federal government has issued decrees and mandates that supersede state-level choices and legislation aimed at limiting the virus's spread. Idahoin 2021 is one example. Companies were obligated by the federal government to requirecustomers to wear masks, but the state government issued an order prohibiting businessesfrom refusing service to consumers because of the mask laws. My father-in-law, who runs abusiness, was concerned because he didn't know whom to obey. My wife was touched by his fears, which made me concerned about him and her. Our concerns subsided only once the state administration reversed its directive.According to Aristotle, change is the actualization of a subject's potentiality. Perhaps the inherent issues that come with realizing a subject's potential are the reason there will always be friction between federal and state

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BYUI FDAMF 101 - Week 6 Essay 2

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