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UOPX HRM 323 - Types of Communications Needed

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Discuss the types of communications needed when a grievance is agreed to or denied. Includethe effect of the communications on both employees and management.The types of communication that is needed when a grievance is agreed to or denied is written documentation. Atypical grievance procedure begins with an employee presenting a problem to his or her immediate supervisor within a certain time period after the offending event has occurred. The supervisor then has a set amount of time to either respond or deny the grievance. At this point, a union representative enters the negotiations on behalf of the employee. If the situation is still not resolved, the grievance continues to grievance processing. If the situation still cannot be resolved, the final step in the grievance process is for both parties to present their side to an arbitrator. The arbitrator's role is to determine the rights of both parties under the labor agreement, and his or her decision is usually final. The labor contract generally specifies the type of arbitrator used, the method of selecting the arbitrator, the scope of the arbitrator's authority, and the arrangements for the arbitrator's payment. The effect of the written communication on both the employee and management willhelp reduce the emotional side of the issue and have the focus on the issue itself. By having a written record of the grievance allows both the union and managementhave a reference for future issues. I believe the written record allows both theemployee and management look at theissueobjectively to resolve the true issue at hand.Response 2 The communication that is needed when a grievance is agreed or denied would be first start with talking to the employee. When something first starts up a lot of times if there is someonethat talks to the party involved then it can get an understanding of the grievance and also maybe work it out. Second would be put it in writing. If the grievance is not taken care of andthere is no more talking then put it in writing so that all parties have an understanding of whatis going on. If this does not stop it and they are union employees then it would be time to get the union involved so that there might be an arbitrator and the grievance can be handled. Thisway there is nobody feeling like it was a one sided

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