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'o Ma^' 'Ifl^oryx ;L4llLSL b{b HetLZNT,tak, ,rrru lr/rn , n,l'r*- a uct' /mx11-,rt *:ll 6e o oL*/o th /,tnr*,k, aha..yc ir a'/kol 'f,'*7"/rt',Lr'.^/a t^'/Lfunt-,e*ty'ut'qG);ht<_u'aF.U,lL"^ ,n/nrfut ,P;{L ef /ercekLr)/L.e tt' tl - t,bHlsroNt tN dNe- hxentgra!, A .l -aF,la#r'c all,;n'*t : Ak'o -A:-Trclhll c"lLti+rtt. AK #o AF ='Paprlly ,usfa*c co(","r4 {M"t lLc oQt'rt st"L S"ttt-)-lT-I-A1 =?E i, = !*r*{.lt_\= \€tj /fl\.):1.-:/\\1 =(( ! at_."?V'1 =V,1 =v.tlhl', u. ,r-D roll;ni'",J&**eecrty Nt*ksrtcAs , aK+.(s,nensr ctoz)rV,r,\/-:t \',( V+v I\/cal,t-tsttrtsV,t = VztIv, Pk -__5O Euf.Sn. cot-t-tltrNt :A? =." , NK=o+rll. Vl iV,y 'tr{"V11rZ!u,v,; +U^, V,l + rAz Vr i.t*r,) vfYr,, V, + trl, V.w\. ttA?_P.l.^J), = )qr'l,i *t ^,uil)^/J s;L**l's*".V1 =V,1 =/ut,-[trr"\., lz^. \.t;;4 ;',, ' (-";^ 1u,,(;5,)u', ' (?#,) n,t(A)0)Ar =Uzt'ri =oG) H,)) Aza^.1 Vt:V,{ = Vz; "*,1 Vt1 = V,iv.,=/k,-4r\v.'( | u,rwnf '|,/\Y'.,= | t^" \v..| \ A, +lL|> )"^'l ^.'^r:l y,t = (h*,1,"A 64)\ u't = v''(t,tlr*/ )u,<< Aza"^L \'1.1 zovt t v.l;V,1 t v1';V.4+-v,:v"{ P o-+>)oCowtStadS lN TNorlql, ' tp,\=ojrttzNt(ottlb?t = o ,67,:oT"ul1-4t ' AF =- At< + o'TrIL cgf,nEe_a) ktl rou,,r{/'orotr l4A{s/*o y*'Jn 'o ________, (,l,h t]pr,X1{l.t ca"lo" af ,,,-,-rt i otIl i' /;ke hr,V ^ u-14Jc (n ' ^, r^,\ ^+L) r.,r ^ryl^ "/ ^ry f/'J. 'nn Ln -o 7t{4'r^^8r")"\ tru ^nt lL',.'-'.btn ')^l.r<,wl r't+, '.M; A; ,*"1,la'7rn'F Ltlteil<t -;1, aa;X;tt JXcna; ?;/\ ,h /a"oro( 'tfa-xru* ?.^t 4.^ ijc) (a^Jw o/ t*'*tt,, t4. (rlrhAdrj bfefI/Lf1-)L*=t t l? , -.Vebafyj V^, t',"n = j(w.v;)L /fl \v'LIt | ) + >tr.'tteorum^oqfV,4: p u,j - tth;V;t ; ft Ycn - l'-', -,(o,J' o^1.1 . Hsnr,N 0F * Cy<rtl dF ptiLncu>4We.o// ataQk "fh ^o/'^ '/ *1'l^ uf ff>Utr7 /'o/<tty -t' t/r ra'fw '/ o'n+r '+^= i{,+-r-)l--.Q^' [ (rar:rrifrn"lvto4'guNunlv"'r 'acru,l /* ; ll|^ = du;i; :/rn/.t("1*n F, ,-, fk u<f /me E4At w h,-* ,eon L/:" ., '-)fir='flrwtTrrt , tl.6 tul(+e''-- rlLt vtt"Jl re atr{'wt 4.> .wl 1.t1, li,Ar4' -rL = L 1'a;i,.,vr il,It +( F.^tmeferof'r,, t/ /k ,o.{* / uur *^lV /.la^^,,".'l ry e7lcn""n/ /o^-){r.?''I.\rd*i )^,1 4:" = {i^*fO Two blocks of masses ,1I and 3M are placecl on a horizontal, frictionless surface. A light spring is attached toone of them, and rhc blocks are pushed together rvirh rl.respring betw,een rhem (Fig. P9..1). A cord inirialtv holdilgthe blocks together js burned: after that happcns, theblock of rnass 3II mo|cs lo the .ight $,itlr a speed of2.00 m/s. (a) \\'trat is the velocitv of the block of mass ,lF/^) At'-P;' ?1(b) Find rhc svstcm's or.iginal elastic pott,ntial eners'\. raking ,I1 : 0.350 kg. (c) Is rhc original energlr.in rhc springor in thc cord? l-xplain rrrrrr.ansler: (d) ls momcrrrinr ofthc srstcnt conserr.ed in the burstiltg-apart process? Hor\.can it be. rvith larqc forr:cs actingi Horr caD it be, r,ifh nomotiolr beforehan.l and plentr'of motion :lfierwardiv2.1)0 nr/s>ovr; z rn/r(L\ u**)o^' = * |nV,].- )n,t 2\6EoaSX {w /kr.'( + fh q"ty?t = n(Vn + iH {r.3h vr|r:ttfL.=- 3Vrr^ - -tYsL1------> K-' 6.{o lIA-\s shorvn irr ligure p9.lti (page 262), a bullel or lrtass nand qtecd , passes cornpletch.thr.ough a pcnclulum bobot mass ,'ll l he bullet emerges with a speed of ry'2. Thependuhrrn bob is suspencled bv a stiff rorl of length I andrtcgligible mass. l\Ihar is the mi[imum \alue ot u suchthat the pendrlum bob rvill bar.elr sling through a complete vertical circlc?h 'ztI 12luu t( "11* \(q*-)|ra6a:avbintVoi, -*rtrOirLVrtvrta?--" ?{*f.'=-t^.(b vbt + lt46 v6t .r u4[ r,/!,. e o-,1zVe ' 2{U(vrt=LizBt\v- qMB --7i rttll"4".:: .ii ', :' l. ,,r r,.,.-... rrxr rr. rr.ri k-. ,,rrri .i.,rr tr:',", ,', . tl, ri,,r,li... lr,,riz,,rrr:rt rr.rr k rrirlr 1" _,t. ,,i-, l)l) rrr r. il.it0 r)t \. . t,l Lr,0 |lt \pr,2r \,.r,,,,,,, ,,,,;.;;,,.,;;;, :'.,,' '' 'rr"r'rr irr tirrrr-,,'lli,t r a. t',,,r,r,,' ri,,.,t,-i,",,',',,;,;,:. ;l I ],,1 l']:,1 l,';.'h,,, Whal ll? Lr,r s r,,rrr .rl\\,.r. r,.,tlri. rlr.rr .rll rlr, ,.rrrrrrllidc,ard srick togcther-^t th" .,i,,," nrorulnr: \\,har ilther colliclc in a clifft,r.cnt or.der.?Vri-Vrivl,'<-k, " 4kVr; ' f nt/tAr:1oEyVli ' 3 nlshl, 3t<,Vrr. -(a''11{.)Ap '-/r(lr,(, +!qr t,al ) VL -- 7; t 0,4, V, + r/"t2 V2 tcayVjtl,t,,V, *cr<rVa + ttt3 V3ln, t/J-'t- . t A3^"1 ^r./ LPt,&(l) N, ,lh| alcl's actttt-<*^l /h **-. 4,,*-7",1 ,t uajV3 = P;!u, at*l *.,(nr r-r) u ,Vz3= +tr1\^%^ (urt,.r)?y '- (^,,Jbkr,[b/',P(.= trl.7V7t.gE ^f!r"lbl< u.;ft ou Irql flLtt) r,r, = (^rrwr) Vr, , ILt,.-). (11) rr r: +2.2{ n/ty'r=1,t).\ billiltr'cl bell rrlovinr ut 5.00 m ,s strilcs lt s(ati()nru\ bxll()t tllc siunc nlitss. Afiel.rhc collisiorr. tlte lir.st ball nrtxes.il1 .1.:t:] Dt,/s, ill lur ilnljlc ()i :10.0'\\itll rcslr(,c1 t() thc ()tigil1el linc of rnoriorr. -\siumirrs an clastic collisiorr (ancliljrx)lilrg lricri(nr and rotatiorral nl()(ion). lincl rlrc strrrckball s lclocin alicl rlrc collision.,ar.tft'jo'Y;' u,., '1v2;'oai --"\?^ -- oI,tr) ?trrV,t = ,1.y1A/t'-_t-rllv"r \rl' '( \lJ-->ll->A- rr-YC'tdlr/,1\IIjrVzl*{xVI(=i - - ->A4"v .?i"4lltI.\r%\\r, ur(->xN?t="'a) Pti -_.D.r(x: M, V,1 roJ 3l' - rr,r I VrX * = o*,Vr{ t,tr ioo -(-^rvrlt ) =P,t =,tVz{r *ry_.-t^,t3A A 12.{fg lacl ol :titkr clal is lrLrllecl holizoltalh at tl0{)g rtooclcll trlock illitiallv at res( ()rr a Itorizrttltal sttL-l,rr'. lhc cler \licls t(r the block \ficr impact thc blxksliclcs 7.50 nr bclor'c comilrg t() lcsl li lllc cocllicicttt olfi-icti()rr bet\rccn tlrt' block arld th(' \tlrla(c is 0 ti50 rthetrras the speed ol tlle clal imrlcdialch l)clin(' ilnP^(li( q*)y4 = t2l4= ro-r 1a(, f.Sc^fe, o' 6tv?? Lsf'< : tr^vP.r* = {'^"*n)lAz' q *E; . - j/r-4u"t = N( " -(r+,'^)1/.i--l h+H '-, ----1| \. -{A: fl.?t1 tlrr\|€-}O Trr'o arrrornobilcs ol

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