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C I ll/o L/rt\AJ9^ lTtr^lrt )&ConlDItoTlo,rj *rvb aT{JR,/t\J FdA dlneaot< c(Oc/Lrtlz FdrtaNwe ^ffh fl^', * *k rcx/ t,y'-n*4u, ,.{Fr.^ ' ^ ${ t- = Tn\e-[ \ =.i-6or &= *v?r-[.t = <)-f*..^ & = lL'{!1-l: tt-+e,.., * 9-'ro/.r{ rh> L C,\FLNDN-,NtmtutI ctP_c,ufu |1ondvf,\t-,iF. r +T-{ {-)^a.jr{ z1 6 4''(":.it-iP=Q=flCk4/* exav*tpy' ,.i)i)T -uXrr,lS-: t,.r4a: f, rrh$= uL1rfutr rr'nts - t4 a.t -) 4(", (un+c,rF)x)q\0.,t^oTr6^J tN ftctz<t-D*7e! FP-AAL|Tlrh$ : fr,r.q-Tcolg- -*t =of,.t4"t6"- :{nr.-L({ ,l;r"hz{.t'rrt (*cex') ]rhs r(') T carbFd =o- lr.r| = o(t{ofioAJ wtT( nt{rCT(vE FfILCLS@fl=-lilu obp,f 1"/[V ,Lsi/1^ ./h,./ .-- 'a^ l4e\.)ry-R,=Ia\r,,rX-6v:/l^\+fu]Ytt,Yr v r^gvu. ,.rr,t'Lttn zTllis\A =o - !udt(turlt *lr/rn it i*l ;Fnf r/", /"//''4*d* 'V^{J'^T f,' - r't'.*.\z u"(a- "-oo)5. ^nsLrJL;H =1,[v l^-'-'%)]^^ls@ A.<Ave/"'SL y"4 tf.lt utw\-Dp Avz,r^/ti/tR.= ;tfL4Y, JrT coe//z,l.f (0,' -'(z /tt+){V "/ th;/ /.,v)ftz cfttt-,ttc{'*/ ^r^ /,htin[. ,,z)f-'lf"l.{r 'n^t - }>''/.ut =tr"(o =x 1'#)"f,=a" t#).,W" a^ 1,u/' rLt44 Jy-a( li 'u^4 ^ze, ,l'l*tv-:\t -,, , DrArQd,wrb^t.hl(sfi4.4ha.,t"ln7a, t?f 4a,t4fo,o( 6! v(o-[4 r d. )o r,,, t4.1 r (o')t.q r to-31.1 r I o't'lL&atLdkL- iF-F-bVr=4oltVr , (3 n/sVr' 44V7.lv/t5166-t nlw1:l/av''{'\t"-+,\^6}qE N\- il{*i.'r',il#-i*+*$t'ii':'',"fixcd \\'hat rangc oi slrlrc 't rrrrc I'rc rk':t_I '" ' r.{ct : zt lat.?.S | t1.T?tt.tt'offo. = *a"T=tAac=cnV,-,rn , {,,-rtn=3kTV,*^.tEIrq1l(y : 6.ttt^fln*y- ,X :7ee/rO fur objcct ol mass 5.1)0 kg, arrachcd to a spring scale.rests olr il liictionless, horizontal surlacc as shown in Figurc P6.19. The spring scirle, alached to the Iiont end ofaboxcar, has a constant reading o1 18.0 N when the car isin motion. (a) Thc spring scale reads zero.!r,lren the car isat rest. Detcrmine the accelcration of (he car. (b) \thatconstirnt readilg u,ill the spring scale sholv if rhe carmoves $rth constant velocitli (c) Dcscribe the fbrces onthe object as observed bt somcone in the car and bvsorneoDc at test ol{side thc car.-1r'rr.D,rtu{ \ ot.,\t^.nn- ,t^2"f.\,( ) af : rna.T-Ftr"4Sl . -*^a. -_'l'rl-\, l.(t v^/tzItNrt1,!!t+8A snrall, spherical bead of mass 3.00 g is relcased fromrest at I : 0 in a bottle of liquid shampoo. The terminalspeed is obscrved to be rr. = 2.00 crD/s. Find (a) thevalue of the consrant , in Equation tj.2, (b) rhc timr I arrvhich the beacl reachcs 0.ti32ur. and (c) the vahre ol llleresisti\'e fi)rce rrhen drc bead reachcs trrminal speccl.t,,4q -bv: Aq(t6vq**rO&^'\'.(a =),= et -) Vr' tlivt;'F1.1.!t?,l,02 tk/t-- r.r)N.sr.- :2- --vrrlr) =1#'{ht^"u!"\B'^T v^)t) t (u, o,6nvr)! = v, (n-dt|A\D,(31f, =f ,f ,-"/^)0.36g = s--;/^ ---+ /n[tr -ia(''ttr\0.1$x(o1A.1.0Gkg obiccl is attache<l to a vcrtical 'od b\ ti{r) strlngsas sho$n in Figure P6 l l. 1he object rohtes iu a lroriuon-tal cilcte at co;rstant speed 600 m/s Fincl thc lension in(.i) llrc rrPl( r .trirrq arll rhr the I'*cr tttitrtwr '14r,r 6c--* r-r(,*L/ /or,.)l,L ccr-----\.,,2F. r*? = T.^ tT6.,oo(-T.,,b- 'btr -^t =o{t"{bl:/t'lv+;/r,o - rro"l-)dJ')\).,1u.! -- \r*-[ r* ]=^b/oIft) r,r,t&=&-R)f.8hs,ht= >l'.- -+ 3 --> ^/r<LloA A pail ol lvater is rotatcd ill a verlical citclc of rrditrs1.00 Dr. \\'hal is the pail s nrinimrtm spced at the top ()llbq cir4l9 it $s lt'3te. ir to rpill out?V6o.=+'> 6.L/vtL(4rt$:(1"*-&)ar ), Yq hrvt/^-{ .i 2?vn .,, f-f\= ef.__1 V*,.= 1f""- = Fil; _;,,?l\-.- lhllr* t(;r\ v--Lo ^v >t3 kft{Fl= ^$ =A+ Yl4 uo.,lnit^rrnn^X +N\ee"(o\I) h2 *nJN: luvr I c o.\t,i , 8.uf it./\^ (o. -?)<o ^r,(,r %)'2.f .il e5"= 8,{l tu. >Yqr-t)=^(?1-?).-).LJ,^tl,r.rolt h 2r,ut ?"f r/ fk/

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UCF PHY 2048 - Circular Motion

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