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L.;rl"l.* r*Lrlr'/rl, fL> /,1,-- ,h A&) *-ut /*4 ,d- *vJ" /u{r\ - -, " /v'snr\'l'',.1"t -y )-2? t T JVrVkLb^'* L"frf7(r)+f'.vt' =tJLA'Y. srh&T% rrhe-v"t s\r o-,1!-^-f ,/ " a.r"f$.le_)"t"hdt fd ,yr^.^.-/,2 / fL. Itk rbt.,p *4 +l- ern,2 rf,it14 ,*f ry -+tJ 7,i,,J,{,lrr a Al*- )" vLL lt k,--v.\ t ,l Ie.*XtL+s'--l 4e4l k IUttly & s'U(ZV): z Sth*ctl p u,t_ oJ/ov-,[: Llr,r^(za)1<t--y'-r 9to',. * /4-././//a/ ift ht-t'|.+-<*-tk) = -tntx - /I I lr.*ra Lo h'c u*oh ot< , v<-u ' f x&) fA l -7rjr lt t<r/tth atr,lt< tD f1<-: 2!. rarQ- /'*n\ = 'v.zs'kscd'B''?/Tf2""^/. '/ ' pn/v /&- .p. =x (+= ,4'). / ,ut"114 "-7o, ,( ^-..1Le1Lt , ,L7**n1f;'s ^' lP\ J /e"',x- .t az4 txed-.'ttI vLo- /k- 7op f{c ,'rI f*, fl^ €?'L-a-Ar*\Lhlt "ynu. "lQ. *n/ r,'.1r,.^"k,s-^ .F* toln,*yptl^6hoo K-teTotu^te .' ,ol&*) o r'4u t^1"5f0o, l""y;+ L[. {'"^ /-r'1"1^". ) l-^f.,-1.J;l+ Pf.-.<_ 1flxt u,.,.trln :s )tt"_?VoUtV"?.=/r,$oYlrr'^ I *rile= V.craFI t * lo cL,p n nlir,-^ '/*V uoxf bte / S- ,^*. ahtztt<-r J'.e4^--f>V,--1 t7 tu6V &\ .Iy'xK= VocorP t , r I J nh /L; /* dl= ot..t, +vorrhs t - i t{ - 1-+ **i. * Bt +c =oV*=VocoJo- I e.-it,g,vrtrh*,c"Xu{k=v.r,\fr-tt I ,,n }: Vrf,IUNl?6tLH aA c uc ttZ kt n ot!r*kplrl or4 h^.4'',-','?anJ, ,/T&l{0LrIlrfil-tr^D P^-D//ht?- AccZ.Le Prtnu^le.g(*),Vr4taivtTrL( */**/l<1+-)4:4r+4{^n - / rlv I^t_ | Ft/).+Av---4.=-Itrtlr^ ir Iealer t/!iAiy.t{tD*L'4 one[*a;(v^r,--lb/ /, fl ,atl. *(*\firf,h'l l" fkt1" c,YckTtl ^orhrud^^ uV^'!M<o=@i:lD2LrtTtlL \rb,.Loclty rtJDAtte*etzft-f,tNT xSri.,' i,, " i; lr,*.7r,** o/ t14- 7ril'^ *"i-''\D;y*a,^*12 urlL 'a7u/' t ( ;lio . /i, ,7T - T +YrAkkl're */*,lyt3l^lN,'lr'tl^tA;i : - uitT" 1nl tL/i"I't,rL/t*- onr/*^"NIr-tz 't' JI L----l I&.t!7tt ltVo;_l 'rL. ^ro/*'nl;n o7 ^ 7/"1< ':'t'L< ft---.-nr"r\- <f/- il! ryfur i7 i7,r^""' rnio-^.f rc6 ""1^,.(,\ brll ls tossed from an ttppel \l()r\ \lindow of a bllil(lirlg'l-hc ball is sivcn an i|itial \(locitv of 800 nt/s rrt rnallgk of 20.0 belcx' tlrI horizorttal. It stlikcs lh( gr()tlll(l3.(i0 . 1n,". (ii) HoN ftu horizontallv florn tltc basc trl thebtrilclillg cloes the birll sl.ikc thc glorrncl? (b) Firrd 1h('hcight lioDr \rhich the ball \ras thro\rlr. (c) IIo\r longdoes it takc the ball to lcach a pctint 100 nl bclol thele\el ()l larlnchirrl't:!4d'v.\\\#x.)o x(+,ls)Y' V,tt = V. calF. tt, to -v.ttub{ -)a\'Vx. Uo,. =Vo ctrr\Vt = vot - t( = rlo s'hF. * -*Vo, I u/rO" : 2o"8?If)x /'t'sr) "tr/-{"rs):o r lo -Vo39 : J2.d ,.."_o*2d'Vo cqS" t =cm 2a'sn^ts'f.rtt =(zV, s,ht t -Jzftl^ 20" 'tl9?-frup,o)'e) + h, tr,-1.,*)Xr>o.e '1,- to. : y. -V. sitag.-t - -) et'--+A l;rndscapc llr'allile(t is plarrning en altiticial rrate) fall ina cin palk. \\'at('f llo\rine at 1.70 rrl,,s Nill lceve the e d ol'a hor-izonral chlurrrel at tJrr top ol a \t'rtical $all 2.35 rrhigh. ancl fiorn thcle the rratcr'lalls ir]11):t pool. (a) \\'illlhe spilce behir)d tlle $atcrfall bc rr'icle erlough lirr apcdcstrian \r:rlk\r:l\? (b) To sell hcl plan to the citr.coun-cil. thc architccl lanls to buiki a rntxlcl to stanclard scale,onc-nr,cllih act al size. Horr fast shotrld thc rr':tler fftr$ iItlte channel ir the nrodcl?lf '*.1i, = (,.royr,")= b" - izl't'oX: Vrxt .Vot{=Vx: %K:\,/'Xn"*W+ -jf'/ ^a'L.=-,u= y/,Vp-tt = -?t"\ /'/,t ah^hL ltu'/^t ,'/ f".kotlrfk vq'/e- le aril<--,8_-\T=\%,,:*4o.(1? t :f'rf, )4t Ir,4tyr^,I = o -- b" -il,+rrcl,,t<v"[, =i rti^+, ?hatrl., /ov ^ lcvtnl /t -^//. tV (a'llo)* , L"* ,t'hlw. fl. 'wtl"^_/d'r 5o $",LL a'ur',\<-t/4_l''tq, lU v< /rw,/Lr 7,"< ft- n o,zuy'-.-h fr.*t \x, /{x,),frt* y^t,1.""'^-3:':!Xu KLrfu ,"(*.^J'(s .?V"s: n V., i"'+.U-)?rr - vn !"v", IT"-' I dol.TfatL'^t al<*l/ *E vo L" n, */'"-.'1" L^ -n(., : h{" lt"-b'..v4danrXz\2in( tAlTxzgJc. n(;I7 *t l^,^"* !,r = nt 1"tt*rrl"w, n{i.'na--J, \tr r nV. . (E'rn=) >(acrcite : /tat /,r /rvn tU ,a( ,-..x, WZ Wa-l--) y\z n; nl'v" = du'+a t.fu l"// 7on^, r^/,Twl* 1,"-tlflrnf k4 ,,et 7 )X = MXIn a local bar, a customer slidcs an emptr becr mug dot\'rlthe countcr foi a refill. The bartender is.just deciding toso horne and rethink his life, so he does not see the rnul{.It slidcs off the counter and s(rikes the flool at distanc( ./from the base of thc countcr The l)eight of thc countel isir. (a) With what velocitv did the mug leave the counter-l(b) \{'hat $as thc direction of the mug's r,clocitv justbefore it hit the floor?rl"\n.)= (\,,/al)f,:[:^)u. t|)r1vrth -irt'x (1'+V1 .Vovt = -tt")r)o:h-{rl* fl.tfr--'f1,*wt'-e- t.rE-Il7*l{f -+Vo: A\Rl-'C**\t rw\=V.'{1 ' V,V*: V"v1 -. -xt1 :-{.w= -r*[ ,4''(+),!t1"ut2 I h( i{hlete shoun ir Figulc P.1.2:l .otates a I.0(fkg discus ll()ng ir.ir.rLlirr patJr ol ladius 1.0(i rn. Tlre rraximunrspeed ol the disc[s is 20.0 rn/s. l)etetrDinc tlrc l]tilgnilrrdcol tlrc maximtm ladial accclefttion ol thc rliscrrs.a: I k4-P = l,o$'*tlu*J, xo u1tla,r^-.1 'yz&= -rir uof aAgl*r,U-.1.06.,'rAs their' b(x)sler r()ckels sePiu ale' sPtcc shl(tle astrollillltstlpicallv feel ^cccler'ati()lls lrp t() 3g. \rhcre g = I ilO m /s!lri thcir trailritrg, asll-()llilllts lidc in a de\i'r irl whi'h the\cxpclietrcc sttch an ecccleratior) irs a ccntr'iPctal accclera-tion. Spccilicallr. the astlonalrl is fastcned secut-clr' :rt thet-nri ol lr rneclrartical ar-m that thcn tttrns at colrstilntspeed irr a ho)ir(ntlal circle. l)ctcl.nri|le lht lotati()D r'atc.irr re\ohlti(rts pcr seconcl, r-cquired rc qilc rn astlonatlt acentripetal accclelation o1 3.00glhilc in .ir'.rll:rt moli(nlrrith ladirrs 9.-15 rn.4"r 7tA/",$X ,^*. ( ,.t4\ 7[:1.(5r^tt I t^. J 1,.WI'q+ ;l {Uc nta.hat4.'f' + v: (d

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