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UNC-Chapel Hill BIOL 252 - Cells of the nervous system

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Guided reading questions (GRQ) 2Cells of the nervous systemLearning Objectives:8. Describe the structure and function of the organs within the central and peripheral nervous system and how they interact9. Compare and contrast the function of the sensory (afferent) and motor (efferent) divisions of the peripheral nervous system10. Differentiate the function of a neuron and neuroglial cells11. Characterize the structure and function of a neuron cell body, axon, and dendrite12. Classify the function of neurons based on their structure13. Distinguish the function neuroglia found in the CNS and PNS14. Describe the structure and purpose of myelin sheathRead Modules4.5, 11.1 & 11.2 Do not hesitate to use the web when a question is not specifically addressed in the textbook.Q1. Describe in your own words the difference between….a. The central and the peripheral nervous systems. b. The afferent and the efferent divisions.Q2. For each component of the nervous system below, describe if it is associated with the sensory, integrative, or motor functions.a. Central nervous systemb. Peripheral nervous systemc. Afferent divisiond. Efferent divisionQ3. Create your own version of Figure 11.2 based on your life. Although step 2 will likely be the same, steps 1 and 3 should differ from the example given in the book.Q4. Define in your own words the following terms related to the structure of a neuronCell body Nissl bodiesNeurofibrilsDendritesAxonAxon hillockTelodendriaAxolemma Axoplasm Axon terminal/synaptic knob Receptive Region Conducting Region Secretory Region Q6. Copy or create your own drawing of a neuron that includes each of the elements outlined in Q5 above (be sure to label the components correctly).Q7. True/False, Explain:Most neurons have a single axonQ8. True/False, Explain:Most neurons have multiple dendrites.Q9. What organelle do neurons lack and how does this relate to their life cycle?Q10. What distinguishes a neuron from a neuroglia cell? Hint: you might need to explore beyond your bookQ11. Describe (in your own words) the function and location of each of the 6 types of neuroglia. Focus on the functions rather than structure and limit yourself to 2 sentences per each neuroglial cell.Q12. What is myelin sheath? Describe in your own words.Q13. Compare what you would expect in myelinated vs. unmyelinated neurons.Q14. Describe the three differences in myelination between the peripheral and central nervous systems. Hint: there are three major differences.Neuroglia Location Summary

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