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UGA POLS 1101 - Final Project Options for POLS1101E Fall 2020 (1)

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Final Project Options for POLS1101E Fall 2020Election research paper. - This research paper should focus on the 2020 presidential election. - It should follow MLA style guidelines, with in-text citations ( and a works cited page. - It should also include page numbers, be double spaced in Times New Roman font, and have regular margins. It may be as long as you like, but no less than 7 pages including the works cited page. Graphs and tables are not included in that limit.The link above includes access to the table of contents to the online resources for MLA style support.For this paper, we would expect you to follow this general guideline for your research, but you may certainly do more.1. The Candidates: Who they are and what they are doing to wina. Who are the candidates competing for the 2020 presidency? (Provide basic information on their background, any scandals, their primary issue stances (at least three), and the nature of their campaign strategy (what are they doing to generate support, where are they spending their money, what kinds of ads are they running, who are their VPs, etc.).2. The Processa. How does the general election process work? When it was created, what was it supposed to do? How has it changed? Here you would explain/describe the workings of the Electoral College and how state by state elections are used to determine the Electoral College outcome today.3. The Outcomea. How did this election play out? What do the experts say mattered in the election? b. How do you believe this outcome will impact the country and your life?Your paper is not due until the last day of in person class (Nov. 24) so we expect a discussion of who won and why. (Although with absentee ballots, we can only hope that the outcome has been determined by this time allowing for

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