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UMass Amherst KIN 430 - 430 Lab A

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Pamela LalajKin 430 labLab A:1. A: Kinematic measurement systems like Qualisys are used to study the human motion. Three companies that also produce commercial Kinetic measurement systems are Vicon,OptiTrack, and Motion analysis corporation. Vicon’s company headquarter is located in Hauppauge, NY. Opti track headquarters is located in Corvallis, Oregon. Motion analysis corporation’s headquarters is located in Santa Rosa, California. B: Kinematic measurement technology is used to study human motion for research purposes. Aside from this kinematic measurement technology can also be used for things such as entertainment and sports. Through entertainment it is used to film someone live and transfer that data into a computerized form for things such as anime. Similarly, in sports it is used to film an athlete to measure metrics such as displacement, velocity and speed. 2. A: The major difference between an AMTI force platform and Kistler force platform is that AMTI is a strain gauge platform while Kistler is a piezoelectric force platform. A strain gauge produces a change in the electrical resistance, a piezoelectric force platformproduces changes through elastic deformation. B: The AMTI are used for balance, gait, and sports performance. The Kistler is used for biomechanical processes sports and performance diagnostics, motion analysis and occupational safety. The strain gauge is used to better study the data in sensors, force and torque, While Kistler focuses more on the electrical change in response to mechanical stress.3. A: Another biomechanics laboratory is the biomechanics research lab at Iowa State University. The laboratory is located in 178N forker building. The lab directors included Tim Derrick, Jason Gillette, and Li-Shan Chou. Equipment includes 12 high resolution 3D tracking of reflective makers from Qualisys AB, Sweden, AMTI force platforms from AMTIWatertown MA, Tactilus stretch fabric pressure sensor from Sensor products, Madison NJ, xsensor wireless foot pressure mapping system with gait software, and Biodex systems 3 pro orthopedic testing and rehabilitation system. The lab studies the effects that the geometry of the body during the impact has on effective mass and the impact attenuation. In addition, they study blood marks with bone restoration and formation to identifying optimal patterns of impact on older adults. B: The Children’s Hospital of Colorado Lab focuses on the gait capture of children. The lab uses Vicon cameras in order to catch gait of each participant to help understand why a child walks the way they do. These equipment is critical to the lab because in order to provide appropriate feedback to families they need motion capture to explain a child’s gait patterns. Motion capture is critical to the lab since it is a major part of how they learn and film the gait of each child. One new thing that I learned was that a KAD is usedto understand knee flexion and

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