TAMU POLS 206 - Review for test (2 pages)

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Review for test

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Review for test


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Pols 206 - Amer Natnl Govt
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POLS 206 Lecture 19 Outline of Previous Lecture o 12 4 Chief Legislator Legislative Skills Public Support o 12 5 Chief Diplomat Commander in Chief War Powers Crisis Manager o 12 6 Going Public Presidential Approval Policy Support Ch 15 The Judiciary Outline of Current Lecture Lecture Who controls all appropriations when it comes to the budget What has been America s foreign policy for the majority of our history Guns vs Butter o Military spending vs domestic spending When it comes to welfare where does the US rank o What does it provide in comparison Transfer payment definition With defense and foreign policy what are the powers and what are not the powers of Congress Containment doctrine o Who composed it what it did and other history Know different types of taxation systems o Progressive income goes up so does percentage of taxes o Regressive income goes up taxes go down o Proportional everyone pays the same percentage Sales tax is technically proportional but regressive in nature Incrementalism in regard to budget o Last years budget is best predictor for this years budget take last years and add a little to it International economic policy o Today less tariffs and freer trade Know committees that write tax code o House ways and means committee o Senate finance committee Powers the permanent members of the UN security council Powers of the president as it relates to chief diplomat What does the Office of Management and Budget do as it relates to the budget History behind the policy of brinksmanship Uncontrollable expenditures definition Social welfare policies definition Budget deficit definition Military industrial complex definition Who the nations top diplomats are o Top diplomat president o Next secretary of state Income distribution definition Budget reconciliation definition Detent definition Entitlement programs and means tested programs o Entitlement qualify by a criteria get regardless of need o Means tested based on need What do Medicaid and Medicare actually do Why do we have an income tax o How did we get it Why do we have a national debt o We spend more than we take in How does the government manipulate our income o Taxes and spending Budget process o Complex Diplomacy definition Congressional budget and control act of 1974 o What does it do What is the smallest source of federal government revenue What is the largest source Poverty line definition What is the major job of the secretary of defense Big stages of budget process CBO OMB o Authorizations o Appropriations Interdependence definition international relations Why members of congress would support increased military spending Foreign policy chapter

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