UW-Madison SOCWORK 453 - Addiction-related stigma (10 pages)

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Addiction-related stigma

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Addiction-related stigma


A lecture about stigma and how it relates to addiction.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Socwork 453 - Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

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Soc Work 453 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I Announcements II Prevention as a drug policy a Prevention paradox III Drug and alcohol related injuries IV Types of prevention in public health V Defining goals and evaluating outcomes VI Montana Meth Project VII Social Influence Model VIII Health disparities health equity IX IClicker Question and notes X Contextual factors Outline of Current Lecture II Announcements III What is stigma IV Concepts V Why do people stigmatize others VI Unique nature of addiction stigma VII Stigma manifests at multiple levels of the environment a Structural level examples b Social level examples c Individual level examples VIII IClicker question and notes IX Implications for prevention Current Lecture Announcements Third exam is December 11 the exam is not cumulative What is stigma Stigma creates negative socially constructed identities which reduce an individual from a whole and usual person to a tainted discounted one Someone may not be thought of as a person that is similar to him or her may think this is a separate type of person Maybe we don t see the person as trustworthy they are inherently different The last part of this sentence tells us that we strip the person from all other qualities except one thing Concepts Labeling Negative social categorization through an identifiable human difference Whatever characteristic that can be seen or known It is the thing that says oh this is this kind of person We label people in a lot of ways it isn t always what we see but what we hear or what we encounter Stereotyping Assignment of a consistent set of negative attributes Ideas we have about a group of people who share a certain characteristic Once we label people it becomes easier to stereotype them Separation Us and them labeled persons are inherently different from us It creates these in groups or people who are like me and out groups or people who are not like me We are able to label people and stereotype them So when people

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