UW-Madison SOCWORK 453 - Harm Reduction (7 pages)

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Harm Reduction

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Harm Reduction


A lecture about harm reduction and implements of it in society today.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Socwork 453 - Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

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Soc Work 453 Edition 1nd Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Announcements II Mutual help groups for addiction III Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous IV IClicker and notes V Spirituality and religion VI Other 12 step programs VII What is recovery Outline of Current Lecture II Announcements III Recovery Follow Up IV IClicker V Harm reduction A pragmatic approach VI Replacement therapies as harm reduction VII Abstinence versus reduced drinking VIII Opiate Overdose Prevention IX Needle exchange Infectious disease prevention X Housing First not contingent on sobriety Current Lecture Announcements Study guide will be released Friday evening Handouts have been posted to Learn UW for prior lectures Two handouts updated Public health and health disparities stigma Tuesday will be all review day and then there will be answers to the handouts Recovery Follow Up Can someone be in recovery if they are still drinking or using Many people who use drugs have a drug of choice If someone is really addicted to one drug and they stop using it and still use something else will they be considered to be in recovery Still could consider someone who is on methadone or other replacement therapies this is still using something but it is not the drug Should this count as recovery What about someone who was previously on heroin and now smokes marijuana occasionally does this count as recovery To be recovered from one addiction must you stop using all other types of psychoactive substances Current Consensus Someone who has been addicted to alcohol now prescribed drugs for pain this is considered to be recovery On the flip slide if someone was addicted to drugs or alcohol and they stop using and they are abstinent but they still drink in moderation they are not considered to be in recovery Recovery is still something that is being defined Stable living environments Halfway houses structured living environments e g testing duties restrictions and privileges employment Sober living

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