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Categories of Answer-Providing Tools (APTs)Types of SourcesSlide 3Slide 4Biographical SourcesOnline CatalogsDictionariesEncyclopediasSlide 9Slide 10Geographical SourcesGazetteersMapsAtlasesGuidebooksGuides to the LiteratureSlide 17Handbooks & ManualsSlide 19IndexesBibliographiesIndexing & Abstracting SourcesSlide 23Yearbooks & AlmanacsNon-biographical DirectoriesEvaluationClass ActivityOverview of Assignment #1Categories of Categories of Answer-Providing Answer-Providing Tools (APTs)Tools (APTs)Dr. Dania BilalDr. Dania BilalIS 530IS 530Fall 2007Fall 2007Types of SourcesTypes of SourcesPrimary SourcesPrimary Sources–Actual records of events that Actual records of events that survived from the past.survived from the past.–Diaries, personal journals, personal Diaries, personal journals, personal accounts, interviews, original accounts, interviews, original manuscripts, artifacts, poems, etc. manuscripts, artifacts, poems, etc.Types of SourcesTypes of SourcesSecondary SourcesSecondary Sources–Offer an analysis or a restatement of Offer an analysis or a restatement of primary sources. primary sources. –Dictionaries, encyclopedias, books Dictionaries, encyclopedias, books and articles that interpret or review and articles that interpret or review research worksresearch worksTypes of SourcesTypes of SourcesTertiary SourcesTertiary Sources–Lead-in tools to primary and Lead-in tools to primary and secondary sourcessecondary sources–Indexes, databases, literature Indexes, databases, literature guides, bibliographies, etc.guides, bibliographies, etc.Biographical SourcesBiographical SourcesInformation about peopleInformation about people–Biographical dictionaries, directories, Biographical dictionaries, directories, indexesindexes–Adults, young adults, childrenAdults, young adults, children–General and specializedGeneral and specialized–Print and onlinePrint and onlineExamples:Examples: Current Biography, Current Biography, Who’s Who, Biography IndexWho’s Who, Biography IndexOnline CatalogsOnline CatalogsList of titles held in a library List of titles held in a library collectioncollection–Location service/lead-in tool Location service/lead-in tool Directs users to information about Directs users to information about subjects, authors, etc. but does not subjects, authors, etc. but does not provide the information itself.provide the information itself.–Type of questions: Person, subject, Type of questions: Person, subject, specific publicationspecific publicationDictionariesDictionariesInformation about terms, Information about terms, language, historical background of language, historical background of a term, syllabication, a term, syllabication, pronunciation, etc.pronunciation, etc.–Adults & childrenAdults & children–Abridged & unabridgedAbridged & unabridged–General & specializedGeneral & specialized–Print and onlinePrint and onlineEncyclopediasEncyclopediasArticles on subjects in a general or Articles on subjects in a general or specific field of knowledge.specific field of knowledge.–Multi-volume & one volume setMulti-volume & one volume set–Adult/adult-young adults/childrenAdult/adult-young adults/childrenSee comparison chart, Katz I, pp. 229-See comparison chart, Katz I, pp. 229-230 and detailed description/evaluation 230 and detailed description/evaluation of each encyclopedia on the following of each encyclopedia on the following pages.pages.–See page 246, Other Children’s SetsSee page 246, Other Children’s SetsEncyclopediasEncyclopediasSee Katz I, pp. 256-260See Katz I, pp. 256-260–Lists multi-volume encyclopedias in Lists multi-volume encyclopedias in foreign languagesforeign languagesSubject or specialized Subject or specialized encyclopediasencyclopedias–Various disciplinesVarious disciplines–Evaluated and described in Katz I., Evaluated and described in Katz I., pp. 260-275.pp. 260-275.EncyclopediasEncyclopediasType of questions answered in Type of questions answered in encyclopediasencyclopedias–Background information on eventsBackground information on events–Overview of a topicOverview of a topic–Profile of a personProfile of a person–Outline/chronology of eventsOutline/chronology of events–OtherOtherGeographical SourcesGeographical SourcesInformation about placesInformation about placesAtlases, maps, gazetteers, Atlases, maps, gazetteers, guidebooksguidebooks–Each provides a different type of Each provides a different type of information about placesinformation about placesAdults, young adults, childrenAdults, young adults, childrenPrint & onlinePrint & onlineGazetteersGazetteersGeographic dictionariesGeographic dictionariesPlaces, physical features and Places, physical features and information about theminformation about themSpelling, pronunciation of place Spelling, pronunciation of place names, history of name changes, names, history of name changes, population, industries, agriculture, population, industries, agriculture, climate, and historyclimate, and historyMapsMapsPictorial representation of earth’s Pictorial representation of earth’s surface or a section of it.surface or a section of it.Physical/historical/political Physical/historical/political informationinformationInformation is more tabular and Information is more tabular and pictorial than narrativepictorial than narrativePrint & onlinePrint & onlineAtlasesAtlasesCollection of mapsCollection of mapsSimple depiction of a geographical Simple depiction of a geographical area to detailed information about area to detailed information about aspects of an area, such as aspects of an area, such as population, mineral and energy population, mineral and energy resources, and agricultureresources, and agricultureArticles, tables, weather, geology, Articles, tables, weather, geology, zip codeszip codesGuidebooksGuidebooksInformation about a specific Information about a specific country, region, city, building, country, region, city, building, museum, travel information, etc. museum, travel information, etc. Unique information appropriate Unique information appropriate for answering specific reference for answering specific reference questionsquestionsGuides to the Guides to the LiteratureLiteratureSpecific subject area or disciplineSpecific subject area or disciplineCover available sources related to Cover available sources related to subject or

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