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Romanesque (style of art)
c.1050-1200 (11th centuries) superceeded by gothic art
Pilgrimage and the Cult of Relics
religious or spiritual journey major pilgrimage destination- Santiago de compostela
What is a Reliquary, what are they made of, and what time period are they from?
object connected to a holy person/statue of faith gold repousse france late 9th century ex:clothing,body parts, everyday items house reliqs attract pilgrims
Who are the Normans, where are they from, and what are they known for?
Descendants of Viking radars Normandy known for their strength
William Duke of normandy "The Conqueror"
c. 1028-1087 -illigitimate child (bastard)
(slide)How was king Harold killed and when was the event?
Battle of hastings October 14, 1066 William conquered modern day England
Bishop Odo Blessing the Feast
Artist: -- From the Bayeux Embroidery Date: 1066 - 1082 Period: Romanesque Culture: England or France Medium: Linen with wool Location: Bayeux, France
San etienne Caen (who was it built by,where, and when)
church built by William the Conqueror France begun 1067
What type of church was San Etienne Caen?
Pilgrimage church Abbey church One of the first churches to employ groin bolts (formed by the intersection of 2 barrel volts)
What is Romanesque Style known for and why?
heavy and bulky look churches are gods fortresses engineering wasn't as advanced
parts of basilica church plan
Middle nave Nave is crossed by transept Ambulatory spaces Crossing is located where the nave and the transept meet On other side of the trancept the nave is called the choir
How can you tell if a church was intended for Pilgrimages?
If they contain chapels
What are the three parts of the nave elevation ? (bottom to top)
nave arcade triforium gallery clerestory
What is the emphasis on with the Nave Elevations?
balance harmony #3
Importance of sculpture in the church
physical layout of the building is mirrored by its decoration Entrance to church becomes a place for art ( sculpture sculpture is secondary to architecture
Diagram of a Romanesque Portal
-tympanum: prominent semi-circular lunette above the doorway proper -voussoirs: wedge-shaped blocks that together for the archivolts of the arch framing the tympanum -lintel: the horizontal beam above the doorway -trumeau: the center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the door…
Moissan Abbey
12th century
What is a Cloister?
Exterior space for the monastic community
The last judgement Saint lazard France c. 1120-40
(slide)Pope Urban II
1st crusade 1096-1099 an attempt to reconquer Jerusalem

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