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Nutritional Sciences Presented by Abigail Atiwag Nutritional sciences encompass a broad spectrum of topics related to food nutrients dietary patterns metabolism and their impact on human health and well being Here are key aspects and topics related to nutritional sciences Nutrients and Dietary Components Explore essential nutrients such as carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins minerals water dietary fiber phytonutrients antioxidants prebiotics and probiotics Understand their functions sources recommended intakes bioavailability and roles in maintaining health Nutritional Biochemistry Study the biochemical processes involved in nutrient digestion absorption metabolism and utilization within the body Learn about metabolic pathways enzymatic reactions nutrient transport mechanisms and metabolic regulation Nutritional Epidemiology Collect all relevant information including your personal details academic qualifications work experience achievements skills and any other supporting documents or references required for the application Nutrition Assessment and Counseling Conduct nutrition assessments including anthropometric measurements e g height weight body mass index dietary recalls food frequency questionnaires biochemical tests e g blood lipids glucose levels nutritional screenings and comprehensive nutrition evaluations Provide nutrition counseling dietary recommendations and personalized nutrition plans based on individual needs and goals Nutrition and Metabolism Understand the metabolic processes involved in energy production nutrient utilization macronutrient metabolism carbohydrates proteins fats micronutrient metabolism metabolic pathways e g glycolysis gluconeogenesis lipid metabolism energy balance and metabolic regulation Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Explore the role of nutrition in preventing managing and treating chronic diseases such as obesity diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension dyslipidemia metabolic syndrome osteoporosis cancer gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune conditions Sports Nutrition and Performance Focus on nutrition strategies for athletes and active individuals to optimize sports performance enhance recovery support muscle growth improve endurance maintain hydration replenish glycogen stores and meet the nutritional demands of physical activity Clinical Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy MNT Provide nutritional interventions for individuals with medical conditions chronic diseases metabolic disorders gastrointestinal disorders eating disorders food allergies and nutrient deficiencies Develop medical nutrition therapy plans monitor nutritional status assess dietary needs and implement dietary modifications Nutritional Genomics and Personalized Nutrition Explore the field of nutrigenomics which studies the interaction between genes nutrition and health outcomes Understand how genetic variations influence nutrient metabolism nutrient requirements dietary responses and personalized nutrition recommendations based on genetic profiles Public Health Nutrition Address public health issues related to nutrition population based nutrition interventions community nutrition programs food insecurity malnutrition nutrition education initiatives policy development food labeling regulations and advocacy for nutrition policies promoting health equity Food Science and Technology Learn about food composition food processing food preservation food safety food additives food labeling food quality standards nutrient bioavailability in foods functional foods fortified foods dietary supplements and food product development Nutrition Education and Communication Develop nutrition education materials nutrition communication strategies health promotion campaigns dietary guidelines nutrition education programs in schools workplaces and communities and initiatives to improve nutrition literacy and dietary behaviors Global Nutrition and Food Security Address global nutrition challenges food insecurity issues malnutrition micronutrient deficiencies sustainable food systems agricultural practices food distribution food fortification programs micronutrient supplementation and nutrition interventions in low resource settings Nutrition Policy and Advocacy Advocate for nutrition policy changes nutrition legislation public health initiatives nutrition education funding food industry regulations school nutrition programs community nutrition resources and collaborations with government agencies NGOs and stakeholders to promote nutrition related initiatives Research in Nutritional Sciences Engage in nutritional sciences research clinical trials epidemiological studies observational studies intervention studies systematic reviews meta analyses nutrition related outcomes research translational research and contributions to advancing knowledge in the field of nutrition By focusing on these key aspects of nutritional sciences nutritionists dietitians researchers healthcare professionals policymakers educators and individuals can contribute to improving nutritional health preventing nutrition related diseases promoting healthy dietary patterns and enhancing overall well being through evidence based nutrition practices and interventions THANK YOU

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SLU HMP 320 - Nutritional Sciences: The Science of Diet and Health

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