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Nutrition Presented by Abigail Atiwag Nutrition is the study of food nutrients dietary patterns and their impact on health and well being Here are key aspects and topics related to nutrition Nutrients and Macronutrients Understand essential nutrients required for health including carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins minerals water and dietary fiber Learn about macronutrients carbohydrates proteins fats and their roles in energy production growth metabolism and overall health Micronutrients Explore micronutrients such as vitamins e g vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E vitamin K and minerals e g calcium iron magnesium potassium zinc Understand their functions sources recommended intakes deficiency symptoms and health benefits Nutritional Requirements Across the Lifespan Consider nutritional needs at different life stages including infants children adolescents adults pregnant women lactating women older adults and individuals with special dietary requirements e g athletes vegetarians vegans individuals with food allergies or intolerances Dietary Guidelines and Recommendations Familiarize with national and international dietary guidelines such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans World Health Organization WHO recommendations Food and Agriculture Organization FAO guidelines and recommendations from health organizations Learn about healthy eating patterns portion sizes balanced diets and nutrient dense foods Nutrition Assessment and Evaluation Conduct nutrition assessments dietary evaluations nutritional screenings anthropometric measurements e g height weight body mass index biochemical assessments e g blood tests cholesterol levels nutrient levels dietary recalls food diaries and nutrition counseling sessions Healthy Eating Patterns Promote healthy eating patterns including the Mediterranean diet DASH diet Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension plant based diets whole foods diets mindful eating practices portion control moderation variety and nutrient rich food choices Nutrition Education and Counseling Provide nutrition education counseling and guidance to individuals families and communities Address topics such as meal planning grocery shopping label reading food preparation methods cooking techniques recipe modification and healthy eating on a budget Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Explore the role of nutrition in preventing and managing chronic diseases such as obesity diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension dyslipidemia metabolic syndrome osteoporosis cancer gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune conditions Nutritional Epidemiology Study nutritional epidemiology dietary patterns dietary surveys nutritional risk factors associations between diet and disease outcomes epidemiological studies on nutrition related health issues and population based interventions to improve dietary habits Nutrition and Public Health Address public health nutrition issues population health strategies community nutrition programs food security food access nutrition policy food labeling food fortification nutrition interventions in schools workplaces healthcare settings and public health campaigns promoting healthy eating behaviors Nutrition and Exercise Performance Understand the relationship between nutrition and exercise performance sports nutrition principles pre exercise nutrition post exercise nutrition hydration strategies electrolyte balance carbohydrate loading protein needs for athletes supplements for performance enhancement and recovery nutrition Nutrition and Mental Health Explore the impact of nutrition on mental health mood disorders cognitive function brain health stress management sleep quality gut brain axis microbiome health nutritional psychiatry and dietary interventions for mental well being Nutrition Policy and Advocacy Advocate for nutrition policy changes nutrition education initiatives food labeling regulations nutrition standards in schools and workplaces government nutrition programs e g WIC SNAP sustainable food systems food waste reduction and global nutrition initiatives Nutrition Research and Advances Stay updated with nutrition research advancements evidence based nutrition practices clinical trials nutrition interventions dietary supplements research nutrigenomics study of gene diet interactions personalized nutrition approaches and emerging trends in nutrition science Nutrition and Cultural Diversity Respect cultural diversity in food choices dietary traditions culinary practices cultural beliefs about food and health traditional diets ethnic foods cultural competence in nutrition counseling and culturally sensitive nutrition education materials By focusing on these key aspects of nutrition nutritionists dietitians healthcare professionals educators policymakers and individuals can promote healthy eating habits prevent nutrition related diseases improve nutritional status support sustainable food systems and enhance overall health and well being through nutritious and balanced diets THANK YOU

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SLU HMP 320 - Nutrition: Nourishing Health and Wellness

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