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Health Medical Presented by Abigail Atiwag Health and medical topics encompass a wide range of areas related to physical mental and emotional well being as well as medical science healthcare delivery and disease prevention and treatment Here are key aspects and topics related to health and medical fields Public Health Study public health principles epidemiology disease prevention health promotion community health assessments health education and public health policy and advocacy Health Promotion and Education Promote healthy behaviors lifestyle changes and preventive measures through health education campaigns workshops seminars and community outreach programs Healthcare Systems Understand healthcare delivery systems healthcare organizations healthcare financing health insurance healthcare policy healthcare administration and healthcare quality improvement initiatives Medical Science Explore medical sciences including anatomy physiology biochemistry pharmacology pathology microbiology immunology genetics and medical research methodologies Primary Care and Preventive Medicine Provide primary care services preventive screenings vaccinations health assessments wellness exams and patient education to promote early detection and prevention of diseases Chronic Disease Management Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes hypertension heart disease asthma COPD arthritis and obesity through comprehensive care plans lifestyle modifications medication management and patient support Mental Health and Psychology Address mental health disorders psychological well being stress management anxiety depression addiction trauma counseling psychotherapy and mental health advocacy Nutrition and Dietetics Promote healthy eating habits balanced nutrition dietary guidelines meal planning nutritional counseling weight management and nutritional interventions for various health conditions Fitness and Physical Activity Encourage physical activity fitness programs exercise prescription sports medicine injury prevention rehabilitation physical therapy occupational therapy and adaptive fitness for special populations Women s Health Provide women s health services including reproductive health prenatal care childbirth family planning contraception menopause management breast health gynecological screenings and women s health advocacy Child and Adolescent Health Address pediatric health growth and development pediatric vaccinations well child visits pediatric nutrition childhood obesity prevention adolescent health issues and adolescent mental health Geriatric Care and Aging Manage geriatric health concerns aging related conditions elder care geriatric assessments fall prevention dementia care palliative care hospice care and end of life care Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Provide emergency medical services trauma care critical care interventions resuscitation emergency response protocols disaster preparedness and emergency medical transport Health Informatics and Technology Utilize health informatics electronic health records EHRs telemedicine digital health tools health apps wearable devices remote monitoring artificial intelligence AI in healthcare and health data analytics Global Health and International Medicine Address global health challenges infectious diseases pandemics health disparities healthcare access humanitarian aid international health policies global health initiatives and global health research By focusing on these key aspects of health and medical fields healthcare professionals policymakers researchers educators and advocates can work together to improve health outcomes enhance healthcare delivery advance medical science and promote health equity and well being for individuals and communities THANK YOU

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SLU HMP 320 - Health & Medical: Navigating Wellness and Healthcare

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