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Dietetics Presented by Abigail Atiwag Dietetics is a field focused on the science of nutrition and diet planning to promote health and prevent or manage diseases through food and dietary interventions Here are key aspects and topics related to dietetics Nutritional Science Study the science of nutrients including carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins minerals water and phytonutrients Understand their functions sources metabolism and recommended daily allowances RDAs Nutritional Assessment Learn methods for assessing an individual s nutritional status including anthropometric measurements height weight body composition dietary intake analysis food diaries recalls biochemical tests blood tests urine tests and clinical evaluations Nutritional Requirements Understand the nutritional needs of different population groups including infants children adolescents adults pregnant and lactating women elderly individuals athletes and individuals with specific health conditions diabetes hypertension allergies Healthy Eating Guidelines Educate individuals and communities about healthy eating guidelines dietary recommendations and nutrition guidelines from organizations such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans World Health Organization WHO and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics AND Medical Nutrition Therapy MNT Provide medical nutrition therapy to individuals with specific medical conditions such as diabetes cardiovascular diseases obesity gastrointestinal disorders renal diseases eating disorders food allergies and malnutrition Develop personalized nutrition plans and monitor dietary compliance Nutrition Counseling Conduct nutrition counseling sessions with clients to assess their dietary habits goals preferences and challenges Provide evidence based nutrition education behavior change strategies meal planning and support for achieving nutritional goals Public Health Nutrition Address public health issues related to nutrition food security food safety malnutrition micronutrient deficiencies obesity prevention community nutrition programs school nutrition initiatives and nutrition policy advocacy Food Science and Technology Explore food science principles food composition food processing methods food preservation techniques food labeling regulations and food quality control measures Stay updated with food industry trends innovations and sustainability practices Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Consider cultural ethnic religious and socioeconomic factors that influence dietary choices food preferences eating patterns and nutritional behaviors Promote culturally sensitive nutrition education and counseling Nutritional Supplements Evaluate the use of nutritional supplements vitamins minerals herbal supplements probiotics and other dietary supplements Provide guidance on safe and appropriate supplement use based on individual needs and evidence based recommendations Sports Nutrition Provide nutrition counseling and dietary guidance for athletes fitness enthusiasts and active individuals Address nutritional needs for energy hydration recovery muscle building endurance performance optimization and sports specific requirements Research and Evidence Based Practice Stay updated with the latest research findings evidence based guidelines clinical trials systematic reviews and meta analyses in nutrition and dietetics Apply evidence based practice principles to guide decision making and interventions Nutrition Education and Advocacy Engage in nutrition education initiatives health promotion campaigns community outreach programs and nutrition advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating nutrition literacy and sustainable food choices Professional Ethics and Standards Adhere to professional ethics codes of conduct and standards of practice in dietetics Maintain confidentiality respect client autonomy promote informed decision making and uphold professional integrity Continuing Education and Professional Development Pursue continuing education certifications credentials and advanced training in specialized areas of dietetics e g pediatric nutrition geriatric nutrition oncology nutrition sports nutrition to enhance skills knowledge and career opportunities By focusing on these key aspects of dietetics and nutrition professionals in this field can contribute to improving individuals health outcomes preventing nutrition related diseases promoting healthy lifestyles and addressing public health challenges related to nutrition and diet THANK YOU

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SLU HMP 320 - Dietetics: Nourishing Health Through Nutrition

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