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CHAPTER 18 Evolution Misconceptions of evolution species are always evolving to a better being You do evolve by selection this is true Evolution cannot create a new life form by dramatic mutations An organism cannot evolve during its lifetime i e a giraffe could not stretch its neck and grow a longer neck in its life You do not choose your evolving based on environment Evolution is NOT a completely random Process TheSelection mechanism is not random Evolution change in organisms throughout earths history Decent with modification Ancient greeks came up with the first ideas of how nature was formed views of life before Darwin ARISTOTLE Believed in fixed ideal species Scale of nature Scala natura he did the grouping by intelligence would put a sheep over a bird on his grouping his version of an evolutionary tree churches also began to influence the idea of evolution The Judeo Christian bible que Augustine STAUGUSTING St Augustine x is verold his big point was that he thought the earth is very very OLD from Africa He believed that the universe developed over a long period of time brought Christian that idea into the forefront in the age of reason Age of Reason 1700 s 1800 s Exam 2 material Macroevolution Major changes in life above the species level in the earth s history

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