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PHYS 211 1 Sample 1 MT2 A ski resort construction crew wants to pull a 1000 kg crate mounted on a sled up a 30 slope measured from the horizontal They plan to tow the crate using a rope and a snowmobile If there is no friction to speak of between the sled and the snow what will be the tension in the cable if the crate is pulled uphill at constant speed A 9800 N B 8500 N C 6300 N D 4900 N E 7600 N Page 1 PHYS 211 Sample MTz 2 A car ofnnss m1 arrd a tailer ofmass ffi2 arte parked on a slope that rnakes an angle of dwith respect to the boriz lrfial The car is hen in place by a force of static friction from is tires The wheels on tlre trailer are free to rotate have no brakes and have rero rolling frbtion What is the tension in the towbar that connects the car to the taihr A mt m g sil B mt m s cos d A t9 mzs sn P D mz g cos d E Fs mzg cos 9 FBp for lr i l T N fl 5 wt76in0 rLwi3 ta eiew T f t vnuef l Jn ti y har n Jo I u ts J siq O J r LJl Jr T wel cr 0 v Page 2 Sample 1 MT2 PHYS 211 3 While traveling on a horizontal road at speed v a driver sees a large rabbit ahead and slams on the brakes lock and the car begins to slide against the road The car collides with ofbraking the rabbit at a final speed ofvt after Tseconds What i5 the coefficient ofkinetic friction of the tires against the road The whee1s fik MIC I tJe j t v f f ife 1 J Jo I c cie CTJ1 e kv 1 or 4 Which of the following statements if any is true A All of the following are false I acceleration force can only prevent B The normal through a surface under no loo r cce e f flj i t circumstances can it ever cause an acceleration at one end of the rope can be greater C In a tug of war the tension than that at the other Jc t s o 1 tr Af sMJfs end otherwise would move and win the tug nobody IAJ ol f f J t l Fote ft r J in the coupling o For a train between the horizontally accelerating the tension forward than that between the car must be greater and the first last two cars Pocomotive J E If an object of mass M rests on an inclined surface the normal force acting on the J Mg object has magnitude N w1jC OS8 g n s co tYj WI Oi 6 7 c 1 t f wt yes Vr1 t fl O t M 1 W41 J 1 Mt Page 3 PHYS 211 5 Sample 1 MT2 A At around 8 s B At around 10 s C At around 6 s D At around 3 s E From the very beginning at t 0s Page 4 PHYS 21I Sample MT2 6 A rnass m hangs from a sting The person lrching ttre string accebrates his or lrer hand to ttre ngh at an acceleratbn a The nnss swings back ard tlren luns at a steady angb of d as bng as tlre horbontal acceleration b naintairpd What is the ang9 A A d cotrtlgla B 0 tatrr16 la q t rhrr1gla o tatrtGtr E 0 snrr alg FBD T I aei ffi r i a I rl loJ 0 a i n ver i l J rcrl r1 Teo56 qS in Lr ri L Jirur briae k p o n S fgitt Ivn4 g t Q Page 5 PHYS 211 7 Sample 1 MT2 y X City A t t i g B vboat 6ml s i 3ml s J 3ml s i 3ml s J C vboat D vboat 4ml s i 3ml s J E vboat 5ml s i Page 6 8 Sample 1 MT2 PHYS 211 A turntable has two small coins sitting on it at different coin 1 is farther from the center t coefficients are different 2 between angular speed of the turntable gradually sincreases sfrom zero and the two coins begin to slip at the same time What can we say about the friction between there t surfaces so the coins and the turntable The and the turntable each coin han coin 2 The two coins sit on differen friction 1 and distances from the center of the turntable of static W 1s1 Jts1 IM1 fof t e V df J c rq f I tore than s 2 s 1is larger B s I is smaller than 2 C 1 and s 2 are the same D We can t decide E We can t decide s s without knowmg the masses of the coins without knowing the precise radii the coins are placed at j s fjf tl oJ 1 j 2 A G j R w 1 A R 5 11 c e w 15 s or ioofh Rt R JA 6 15 i or A 1 rGt Page 7 PI YS 21I Sample I MT2 9 A 4 0 kg block is put on top of a 5 0 kg block The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is Fu 0 25 The assembly of blocks is placed on a horizontal frictionless table as on the figure below What is the magnitude of the muimum horizontal force F that can be applied to the lower block so that the blocks will move together without any slippage Take g l0 nr s2 GL r wb lo sr6tovr A 9 00 N r r B 11 25 N E 88N hJLeA F wtaxlnuu gh t ri t n c r6N l n l rercLry il o El rN I tl I ttr Lu n nax s p tt s l 1 1 N ur3 a Ei r rdr sfud Mt4 t 4 os ng 7 E r to 9 t I aa sAJ r 1tt 3 Page 8 PHYS 211 How fast can a car drive on an unban ed 10 if A 1 You can assume the center g 10m s2 SampleMT2 i e flat circular of the car is at the 40 m radius turn ofradius of the turn and that 40 m without slipping Fis J5 6 V11 j sf Arc rtc f dvl Cr 1 io lly 1 l O v c f l O V j j i S uwcf f r f A 1o ms B 80 m s 40m s E 20 m s E Impossible there is never enough friction ix lox 4 vcroo 0 lvt 2 Page 9 1 PHYS 211 11 Sample 1 MT2 A FL B MgLsin8 C MgLsin8 D FL 5feeJ l s F Mj si V18 6 off cnt 11 4tS fl phc k s Je s a lM l 3 orce raro ll e l f 0 …

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