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PHYS 211 MT2 2015 Penn State University FormA 1 Page 1 PHYS 211 MT2 moves at constant An object the magnitude of the object s 2015 Penn State University FormA sho n Where is track in the direction speed aro nd a fig re eight acceleration the largest 2 A From 1 to 2 B From2 to 3 and 4 to 1 C Same throughout D Depends rom3to4 on the value of the constant speed VlO cc I r i Cf 11 l M Ja i i 111 c i fec t Yl 1 V iv WI 1 t tiJ f Cwt J I V t J u 7 15 la r r r c f 1 Si ict IC a vv1ttx 5 tr s If r r J v s r fr Page 2 PHYS 2TT 4 T2 2015 Penn State Universfu Form A 3 A box of I kg mass rests on a second box of 2 kg mass and the 2 kgrnass is on a flat frbtionless horizontal surhce as depicted in ttre figrne A force ofrnagnituCe 3 N is exerted on the 2 kg rnass and there is suffcient friction between the two masses to keep them accelerating together at the sanre rate You draw a free body diagam of the 2 kgmass What are the vahres ofthe quantities Ff Ne and Ng respectively We can asswne g 10 n s2 N 6 cce nrolo tu il Ce f bkj n Jt t qccrl is 4 3kJ Ff m9 24 A F f 3 N NA 30 N NB 10 N Ary 3 N NA 10 N NB 30 N t9 F f 1 N N4 30 N Ns 10 N D F f 2 N NA l0 N NB 30 N E Ff 1 N N4 10 N Ng 30 N lu t 7 t 5J 4iace G A ecp r rf Ng ua 1 T txtofuu tkS tvtcts e q tuilA r w ti 4 lu fr lN lilh 1 oN loA Al ae3 3o Ns lO Page 3 2015 Penn State University FormA PHYS 211 MT2 A river is 100m wide and the current in the river flows at 2m s A swimmer swims across the 4 5 A rabbit runs in a circle of radius 4 meters at a constant speed of 2 m s A squirrel runs in a circle of radius 2 meters at a constant speed of 1 m s Which of the following statements is correct pe rioJ T rr R 5 tl 11 U 7 V T nrx R s t 41Ts l VLR l VR Is s fxR 4 l 2 Vs ll 11 r I f l s J U s t tl 7 J 1 5 PfryS 2Il lvITz 2015 Penn State University Form A 6 Ttp gaph shows the velocity of a passer8er in an ele vator The passenger is standing on a scab Use the usual convention that y b positive in tlre rryward directbn What is ttrc range of weiglrts that a 100 kg passenger wrll see on the scale Use g 10 rnls2 Y O 4 ior q l tr is yt y A 0Nto 1400N B 200 N to 400 N Aconstarf 1000 N Q 800 N ro 1400 N E 600 N to 1200 N 2 A r s I l wJ 3 A ig wu 5 t lL urofr 1 rcoJ N t 4g w qr t D N wt j qr tcto Q qy O 75 4r tl qY c A 6E 6 to 4y N F loo lotT t oo 10 o oo0o S 7 J n It oo N IooaN 6ooN Page 5 PHYS 2II dT2 2015 Penn State University Form A 7 Tlree prilleys are attached to apbte ofrnass Ma Fornotherpulleys are attached to the ceiling One erd ofa rmssbss string is aho fred to the ceiling and the string is nm ttttoWh the pulbys as shown in the fuure The other end ofthe sfing is attached to rmss Ms Find the rebtionship between Ma and Mg such ttrat the rnasses rnove at constant velocity All pulleys are rmssless and frictionbss Same T rl t hro1Jh u t A MA Me AMA I lflrl 6 y ruro 6MB D MA MB E MA 3Ms r InlJT rl 1 U Q O arA eT f tt4rg MDT a t4 6 6 M fug Page 6 PHYS 211 MT2 2015 Penn State University FormA 9 An ideal spring with a 50 N m spring surface An external force of 10 N holds is attached to a wall at one end and sits on a in place constant in frictionless horizontal compression equilibrium length The spring is then released no external How much work does the spring the spring force and goes back to its do in the process k x Fe t F 5r J 50 4 x I 0 A 0 5 J B 2 5 J C 5 J 11 E 200J I I Page 7 PHYS 211 MT2 2015 Penn State University FormA 10 You are analyzing the motion of a car of mass M around a banked circular curve The image shows a cross section of the road and car partway through the turn the car is traveling into the page bearing left Which of the following statements is necessarily true Page 8 PI YS 2ll Smplc 2Nff2 11 A car of mase 500 kg travels round a cirorlar tack of radiru 40 m d a constant spccd of l0 m s There is suffici Nil friction betrveen fre tires of thc cr and thc surfrcc of the tack frat thc cr does not shde ofr Arta naLkg otu trip oond ce by theforce of stdicfriction tt e trrck lpw mrch twrk hac been bne on thc 0 B 100 000r J C l0 00OG J D 1000n I E l00rc J l0 m s s l 40 fL J b i lr p y a 1 r M lo o i t tt An worL ta f a Ji o t of r5 Jirrr o f r lL r 9 o Io catt uol nn lL J f poh f arounJ le t wor tr k Page 9 PIIYS 2II Smplc 2lltrt2 12 You pull on a masslgs rope thrt poscco ovcr a massloss idcat nrllcv and npor6 a l0 kg ma8g Tn I c yorl lift thc mrss by 5 m d a filt ry6d Vhat is thc tw brc by yow hotd drhg this s Uscg l0 dP c 6 art tJ t J M3 4aJ r r A fu ilg loxtt IooN N d fd Jel loo x 5 fiood A 100 J tt qrrr D 250 J E 50J Page l0 PHYS 211 13 Sample 2 MT2 Page 11 Nil MTI Sample 2 12 14 Two masses Mr and I rIz are connected by a cable wound around a massless and frictionless pulley as shown in the figure with mass Mr sliding frictionlessly on the inclined surface For a given angle 0 of the incline what would be the condition between the two masses such that …

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