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EXSS 181 Spring 2023 1 Grad TA ULAs EXSS181 Sport Exercise Psychology Spring 2023 3 Credits Section 001 9 05a 9 55a MWF Woollen Gym 304 Section 002 10 10a 11 00a MWF Manning 209 Instructors Name J D DeFreese PhD Email defreese email unc edu Pronouns he him Office hours M 12p 2p F 11a 1p Lauren Hawkinson hawkinso email unc edu she her TBD by appt she her she her she her she her lyann live unc edu Lyann Le M W 9 05 Jordan Krege M 10 10 jkrege unc edu Kylee Wenmoth W 10 10 kyleewen email unc edu Macey Robinette F 10 10 maceyr email unc edu DeFreese office hours are by Zoom or in person Stallings Evans 2203 Please email to set an appt Course Description This course is a unique opportunity to be exposed to sport and physical activity from the standpoint of psychological aspects contributing to participation and associated psychological outcomes of participation This course examines psychological theories and research and their application to the sport physical activity related affect behaviors and cognitions of participants as well as the individual and environmental factors which shape these outcomes Student Learning Outcomes 1 Develop understanding of how psychological factors influence involvement and performance in sport and physical activity settings 2 Develop understanding of how participation in sport and physical activity may impact the psychological outcomes of those who choose to participate 3 Acquire skills and knowledge about sport psychology theory and research that you can apply as a participant coach teacher athletic trainer sport administrator healthcare providers or parent within relevant sport and physical activity settings 4 Develop the ability to think critically about psychosocial issues in sport and physical activity Target Audience This course targets students interested in gaining knowledge of how psychology plays a part in sport physical activity Students with a variety of educational and sport physical activity backgrounds may benefit from this course including but not limited to current former or future athletes coaches teachers athletic trainers sport administrators sport parents or students with a specific interest in sport psychology or allied health Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course However introductory coursework in exercise science or psychology may be beneficial EXSS 181 Spring 2023 2 Required Textbooks 1 Weinberg R S Gould D 2018 Foundations of sport and exercise psychology 7th Ed Champaign IL Human Kinetics 2 Smith R Smoll F 2012 Sport Psychology for Youth Sport Coaches Rowman Littlefield CLASS INFORMATION Class Format Class will be taught via a combination of lecture and active learning formats Slides and handouts include case study learning videos group discussion blogs and or debates to reinforce course topics Class material will be provided on Sakai at least 24 hours prior to the lecture and it is your responsibility to be able to access these materials before during and after class Readings and Reading Quizzes One of the best ways to stay engaged and understand the material is to complete the readings prior to class Assigned readings reflect what will be taught in class the day they are due To assist with keeping up with the readings there will be 10 Sakai reading quizzes given throughout the course Each quiz is worth 5 points totaling 50 points Quizzes will be open for completion on Sakai 48 hours before the day they are due Quizzes cover the readings for class that day and are due at 9AM on the due date Individual and Group Participation Assignments There will be 20 participation assignments 12 individual and 8 group that are formally turned in totaling 20 points Each student begins the semester with 20 points and each assignment will be assessed on a check scale check minus 1 check 0 and check plus 1 Each individual participation assignment must be uploaded to Sakai via PDF format to be considered for grading Any assignment not uploaded as a PDF will be marked a check minus 1 point will be deducted from the student s participation grade Most of the group participation assignments will be submitted via Sakai Forums however the Group Behavioral Contract and Lab Planning Sheet will be uploaded as PDFs Group participant assignments must be completed as a group but only one group member will post the group s work on Sakai To receive credit all individuals who worked on the assignment must be listed in the Forum Post and or uploaded PDF Unless noted all assignments are due at 9AM on the due date Late assignments will NOT be accepted and will receive a check minus Group Work Laboratory Project As a complement to daily lecture you will periodically discuss course topics and complete activities in groups of 5 8 Groups are created by the instructor usually within the first week As a group you will complete a behavioral observational project with a two part written assignment and a group presentation of your final product during the last week of class totaling 50 points More details will be provided during class Participating actively in these groups both helps your grade and makes you feel a bigger connection to our classroom community Exams There are a total of three multiple choice exams two midterms both worth 50 points and a cumulative final exam worth 60 points totaling 160 points The midterms will be completed during class and the final will take place during the regularly scheduled final exam period The final exam time will NOT be changed for any student without an approved excuse note from the Dean of Students All exams will be completed in person and will be available on Sakai You will need a computer to take each exam in class EXSS 181 Spring 2023 3 Attendance Professionalism begins with punctuality and attendance You are expected to attend all classes be on time and be ready for the class Attendance will be taken each day during class if you leave early without permission you will be counted as not present for class that day Each student begins the semester with 20 points and is allotted three 3 unexcused absences After three absences your attendance grade will be lowered by 5 points for every absence thereafter max 20 points If you have extenuating circumstances i e university sponsored travel illness mental health concerns medical emergency COVID 19 family death etc you must meet with or contact the instructor PRIOR TO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to missing the 4th class to discuss any necessary accommodations Please save

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